Jeet Ganguly -Exclusive Interview

Jeet Ganguly, one of the most successful music directors of the Bengali film industry of the recent times, talks to the Calcutta Tube. We thank him for his time and cooperation and wish him a very successful musical journey.

Jeet Ganguly -Exclusive Interview
Jeet Ganguly, one of the most successful music directors of the Bengali film industry of the recent times, talks to the Calcutta Tube. We thank him for his time and cooperation and wish him a very successful musical journey.

Jeet-Ganguly-interview-Bengali Music Director
Jeet-Ganguly-interview-Bengali Music Director

Calcutta Tube: Please share with us your journey from Jeet to Hit Ganguly. How does it feel?

Jeet Ganguly: It feels great. My career in the Bengali film industry started in 2004. The first film I worked in as a music director was ‘Premi’ (Director: Ravi Kinagi; Cast: Jeet, Chandana). It was when the Bengali film music was not in a good position. Every one asked me why I wanted to work in the Tollywood, an industry where a music director did not have any future. I took it as a challenge. I have grown up listening to the great musicians like Sunil Dasgupta and Salil Choudury. After the success of the films ‘Bhandhan’, ‘Shubhodrishti’, ‘Chirodini Tumi Je Amar’, ‘Challenge’, ‘Mon Maane Naa’, I feel very well. The audio cds of ‘Mon Maane Naa’, ‘Chirodini Tumi Je Aamar’, ‘Challenge’ are being sold in a large scale in Kolkata. So, it is a great feeling.

Calcutta Tube: You have worked with Pritam Chakraborty in Mumbai as his partner before you came to the Tollywood. What brought you to the Tollywood ?

Jeet Ganguly: It was not exactly a partnership. We worked together in a couple of films (Tere Liye, Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai ). It was more like a business which was not running very well. So I quit.

Calcutta Tube: Are you working in any Bollywood films now?

Jeet Ganguly: Yes, I am. My next Bollywood project is ‘Morning Work’. The song ‘Akasher Neel Shimanay’ from the film ‘Ghatok’ will be used in the film. The Bengali film music was being copied from the Bollywood film songs, even some time back. But now the Bollywood has somehow become interested in the Tollywood music.

Calcutta Tube: Are you going to release your own albums?

Jeet Ganguly: Yes, I am working on that too. Shan and I together are working together.

Calcutta Tube: How much different is it working in Tollywood from Bollywood?

Jeet Ganguly: I am not much worried about the differences. I like my work. It’s my life. I try to give both the industries my best. But the Kolkatans are very cordial that you don’t get from anywhere else.

Calcutta Tube: Do the Bollywood and the Tollywood have different music pattern?

Jeet Ganguly: Now we have stepped in a very modern age. Songs like ‘Challenge Nibi Na Sala’ there is not any difference. Songs like ‘Jani Na’ (Film: Challenge) and ‘Bhola Jaai Na’ ( Film: Jackpot ) sung by Nochiketa are soulful and melodious songs. The Bombay audience may not identify with these particular feelings.

Calcutta Tube: Which one is more important- instruments or melody?

Jeet Ganguly: Melody is much more important. However, we also need a good orchestra. I always compose music on the guitar. We record the music only if it sounds well on guitar. But the feelings are the most important of all. The melody always comes from the heart. There are no mathematical calculations for things like that.

Calcutta Tube: How do manage to work in so many films at the same time?

Jeet Ganguly: I do not know how I am being able to manage so many things at the same time. I am basically a very forgetful person. I have lost my mobile so many times. I have also locked my wife at home by mistake. And I can still do better with my works only because music comes right from my heart and I enjoy my work. Music is deep-rooted inside my existence. That is why I can do things the way I am doing right now. For example, Shan is working as a lyricist for my music. He is working from Mumbai and I am right here in Kolkata, communicating him over the phone.

Calcutta Tube: Are you working in any other film industries apart from the Tollywood and the Bollywood ?

Jeet Ganguly: I get a lot of offers, though I have not accepted any of them yet. I am busy working in a lot of Bengali films and have to meet the deadlines for all my pre-assigned projects. The audience wants me to make the music for all the films. So, I give them the utmost priority. I am interested in working in different film industries. But, the Tollywood is always my first choice.

Calcutta Tube: Please name some of your favorite songs?

Jeet Ganguly: It depends on the situations. Songs like ‘Mon Rage’  (Film: Shobhodristi), ‘‘Shey Chhilo Boroy-e Anmona’’ (Film: Bandhan ),’Oo-la-la’ (Film: ChiroDin-e Tumi Je Amar Cast: Rahul & Priyanka), Batash Gungun (Film: ChiroDin-i Tumi Je Amar ) are my favourite songs. When I was working on the song “Oo-La-La” many people were not sure about my work. But I got all the support form Mahendra Soni and Shrikant Mohta (Venkatesh Films). Director Raj Chakraborty also supported me. We always need people who can readily accept new things.

Calcutta Tube: You are one of the most successful music directors in the Bengali film industry of the recent times. What is key to your success?

Jeet Ganguly: It is not all very easy. I entered the Bengali films industry in a time when people did not listen to the Bengali film songs much. I have earned my position in the music industry with my works. There is no other substitute to quality works. The new music directors have traded along a new path, and I think we need to have a flow of new directors who will be ready to bring more innovations and continue with the quality work. Many recent Bengali film songs like Piya Re’ (Film: Chiro Dini Tumi Je Amar), or the songs from the film ‘Challenge’ are widely being used as caller tunes and ring tones.

Calcutta Tube: You have used new voices in your music – June Banerjee in ‘Chiro Din-i Tumi Je Amar’ & Dibyendu in ‘Challenge’. Are you giving opportunities to some more newcomers in your upcoming projects?

Jeet Ganguly: I have to compose music in the films depending on what the situations demand. In the song ‘Batash Gungun’ (Film: Chiro Din-i Tumi Je Amar), I myself sang for Rahul, who was then a newcomer in the industry. I have also used voices of singers like Shan, Shreya, Babul in a lot of my compositions. For the song ‘Piya Re’ (lipped by Rahul, Film: ‘Chiro Din-i Tumi Je Amar’), I chose Jubin as I thought he would be best in his expressions. Again, June Banerjee’s voice went perfectly with the character Pallabi( played by Priyanka, Film:’Chiro Din-i Tumi Je Amar’) .

Calcutta Tube: Himesh Reshammiya a music director, singer and actor. So, would you by any chance like to act in a film? Or are you acting in a film?

Jeet Ganguly: Not at all. However, I have worked in group theatres when I was a small boy. I have an orientation in the theatres, but for the time being I am not thinking of acting. When it comes to singing, I have sung the songs ‘Bhajo Gaurango’ (Film: Challenge) and ‘Boro Eka Eka Laage’ (Film: Saat Paake Bandha ) because the characters demanded my voice.

Calcutta Tube: What kind of music have you used in ‘Saat Paake Bandha’ (Cast: Jeet & Koel )?

Jeet Ganguly: The film focuses on the relationship of a married couple. There have problem in their conjugal life, but also have profound love for each other. It is a rather emotional film and I have composed the music for the movie keeping the depth of the story in mind.

Calcutta Tube: Please tell us about your upcoming project.

Jeet Ganguly: My next release is ‘Saat Paake Bandha’ (Director: Sujit Mondal Cast: Jeet, Koel). The other projects that I am working in right now are ‘Paran Jaai Jaliye Re’ (Director: Ravi Kinagi Cast: Dev, Subhashree), ‘Neel Aakash O Chandni’ (Cast: Jeet, Koel ), ‘Keno Kichhu Kotha Bolo Naa’ (Cast: Rahul, Priyanka ), ‘Dujone’ (Director: Rajeev, Cast: Dev, Srabonti ).

Calcutta Tube: How much would you rate yourself out of ten as a music director and singer?

Jeet Ganguly: (With a smile) I am still learning a lot of things. When I will stop learning new things, I would not have much left to give to the audience. I have started early and I have a lot of things to do. Each and every film is a debut one for me and I always try to give bring versatilities in the sounds, melodies in each of the numbers. The music in the last few films I have worked in are going be even more diverse; like the song ‘Maahi Re'(Film: Challenge) or the numbers in Saat Paake Bandha’ both film have different kinds of music. I hope to continue with my works by the grace of God. 

Intervewied by CalcuttaTube reporter – Moumita Sarkar .

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