Jairam Ramesh now calls SUVs ‘socially useless vehicles’

New Delhi, Nov 25 (IANS) Days after he termed use of sports utility vehicles (SUVs) in India as criminal, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh Thursday called them ‘socially useless vehicles’.

‘I have got very critical reactions for my statement on SUVs. The Wall Street journal in an article today called me buffoon. I think SUVs are socially useless vehicles,’ he said, during a conference on climate change here.

Ramesh said diesel subsidy offered by the government is for fulfilling a social purpose and it should discourage use of heavy vehicles.

Early this month, Ramesh said: ‘The luxurious growth of large-size vehicles like SUVs is really a cause for concern… use of vehicles like SUVs and BMW in countries like India is criminal.’

He had called for a reformed diesel policy as the real beneficiaries of the diesel subsidy are the owners of the ‘BMWs, the Benzs and Hondas’ and not farmers.

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