Jacqueline Fernandez : ‘I am working hard for the action’

With her stunts in upcoming film Race 2, Jacqueline Fernandez is the new action girl of Bollywood. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu chats up with the actor after she unveiled the latest issue of Women’s Health magazine in Mumbai.

Are you still enjoying the success of Housefull 2? 
Ya sure.  As far as I know it has already earned Rs 200 crores worldwide.  So the whole team is very happy.

What will be your next release?
Right now I am working on Race 2 and there is a designed, specific diet and exercise that I need to follow for the action sequences I have to do in the film.
Tell us about your character in Race 2.
No one in Race 2 is all white or black. Everyone is a bit negative and a bit positive. But the film has a lot of action.

So you are all set to be Bollywood’s next action girl?
All I can say is I am working hard for the action in Race 2 and concentrating all my time and effort into it. And hopefully the effort will pay off.

Are you enjoying the action sequences?
Oh My God, I love action and am very excited about it. Action is a role that I have been waiting to play for a very long time.

Is it true that you have some breathtaking action sequences with Saif Ali Khan in the film?
Yes we are shooting an amazing action sequence together and that includes a lot of fencing, stunts and back flips. We are training very hard…Saif and I have been training since November.

How is Saif as a co-star?
On the very first day of shoot itself, Saif was very warm, encouraging and supportive. It’s nice to have someone who is still learning the ropes of the trade and gives you that time and patience you need. Saif is a great person both on-screen and off-screen.
John Abraham also stars in Race 2. This will be your second film with him.
Yes, again I am working with John. We had a blast in Housefull 2. We know each other for a while now because we used to work out together. It’s great working with John.

When will the shooting for Race 2 wrap up?
We have still a bit to go. I think now our entire outdoor schedule will be taken care of. We should be done by August.

How does it feel to do a cover shoot for Women’s Health magazine?
You know when I am featured on a magazine like Women’s Health, it’s an honour because it means they have accepted you as someone who is a symbol of health and fitness.  I am also very happy because it’s my first cover for a health magazine.

Who do you think is the fittest person in the industry?
When I first came into the industry, I was immensely impressed by two people – Malaika (Arora Khan) and Shilpa Shetty.

Are you a regular at the gym?
I tried gym, I was also a regular at the gym but it didn’t work for me. It became a bit of bore. Fitness is about having fun. I was not having fun at gym.

So what do you do to stay fit?
With yoga, at times I go for swimming, dancing, so it was fun. I didn’t even believe in yoga before. Now it feels good. I have been practicing it for around three years now.

Have you ever thought of following the kinds of yoga shown in Shilpa Shetty’s DVD?  
I have actually not seen her DVD but I think with a body like that it would be difficult not want to have a figure like that. The DVD came out when I was just getting into films and it really made me think about the body shape that yoga actually gives you.

What is that one thing that you crave for and can’t have in order to maintain your body?
I don’t have major cravings. I won’t say I will die if I can’t have chocolates.

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