Jackky Bhagnani-Pooja Gupta share soft corner

Mumbai, March 24 (Calcutta Tube) Jackky Bhagnani has a soft corner for his ‘F.A.L.T.U’ co-star Pooja Gupta and says it is not a publicity gimmick to promote their forthcoming film, but refuses to talk about their future plans.

‘Let’s just say Pooja and I are very close friends. Beyond that I leave it you to draw your own conclusions,’ said the young actor who debuted with 2009 movie ‘Kal Kissne Dekha’.


When probed further, he said: ‘At first Pooja and I were at loggerheads. She thought I had an attitude because I was the producer’s spoilt son. I thought she had an attitude because she was Miss India and all that. As shooting progressed in Mauritius we came close… We partied really hard together. We realised we were not the persons we thought each other to be.


Releasing April 1, ‘F.A.L.T.U’ is choreographer Remo D’Souza’s first Hindi directorial venture. Jackky’s father Vashu Bhagnani has produced it under the banner Puja Entertainment (India) Ltd.


When asked if his friendship with the former Miss India is a gimmick to promote their new film, Jackky replied: ‘Not at all. I don’t even want to discuss Pooja. When have you last seen a film do well just because the lead pair is linked together?’


Asked about the future of their relationship, he said: ‘We are both young and starting out in our careers. Who can predict what will happen tomorrow?’


A friend of Jackky said that the two are definitely seeing one another. ‘It started as a hate-hate relationship, like in those corny movies and then grew into a very tender relationship when they were shooting in Mauritius. Initially, all the four youngsters who were shooting in Mauritus were a wild group. Then it came to a stage where the two of them would steal away from the group for stolen moments of togetherness.’


The friend added that there was a sequence where the four youngsters had to jump off this massive waterfall in Mauritius and Jackky put his foot down. ‘He wouldn’t let Pooja do that steep plunge. He even had a heated argument with his director Remo Fernandez about the scene. It was the only time they ever argued. That’s when we got to know for sure that Jackky and Pooja are a twosome,’ said the friend.


‘F.A.L.T.U’ is about a group of friends who are considered a total waste. However, a turn in their life leads them to such a situation where fates of many more like them come in their hands.


Talking about the waterfall scene, Jackky said: ‘About the waterfall scene, it’s one of the steepest waterfalls in the world. Mr (Amitabh) Bachchan and others have jumped down from it, but with a harness. We boys decided to take the plunge without harnesses. How could Pooja do that?’

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