Jaani Dyakha Hawbey-Bengali Film by Birsha Dasgupta

Birsha Dasgupta’s directorial venture ‘Jaani Dyakha Hawbey’ has a starcast by Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Payel Sarkar, Anjan Dutta, Mamata Shankar, Roopa Ganguly and others.


Hiya and Megh, two lovebirds both in their mid twenties, Hiya a wannabe model and Megh a wannabe musician. Their sweet and loving relationship finally bangs on ‘Career or Love – Choose One’ and they choose the first option – CAREER.

They depart and start using two characters – Pat & Meenakshi, respectively as stepping stones for their individual careers but soon find those two characters as emotional consorts whom the previous paramours can be compared with.

Pat is a mid thirties happening fashion photographer with a crush on Hiya.

Sexy and suave Meenakshi in her early forties is the creative head of a well to do Music Company who gets fond of Megh and his music.

As Hiya and Megh try to escape the fortress called LOVE, they step into a labyrinth with the same name – LOVE.

But soon Hiya and Megh feel lost and doomed; ‘Code to Escape’ is unknown to them.

Only one person can save them and he is – ISHWAR (The Almighty). The old man comes to rescue them – Ishwar – but who is he? Is he GOD? Or is he just another poor soul who once got lost in that same labyrinth called LOVE? Ishwar does have a back story; in his heydays he was in love with a charming lady named Nirupama, but for some reason their relationship never matured. Today Nirupama is the affectionate motherly figure at whose place Megh stays as a paying guest.

Will Ishwar this time try to decode the meaning of LOVE, will he find it, and will the other important and well sketched out characters Mohondas and Mac D help Ishwar in his adventure to patch up Hiya and Megh?

‘Jaani Dyakha Hawbe’ is a roller coaster comic love flick which will once again prove that LOVE is timeless and is always the Winner.

With its true emotions, humorous dialogues, stylized treatment, colorful images, melodious songs, ‘Jaani Dyakha Hawbe’ is a cosmopolitan mainstream love story which will not only attract the ‘youngistaan’ but will also draw the aged and the matured.

Main Cast:

Ishwar: Anjan Dutta

Nirupama: Mamata Shankar

Megh: Parambrata Chatterjee

Hiya: Payel Sarkar

Pat: Shiboprasad Mukherjee

Meenakshi: Roopa Ganguly

Mac D: Arijit Dutta

Mohondas: Debranjan Nag

Chief Crew

Direction: Birsha Dasgupta

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues: Ansuman Chakraborty

Music: Indradip Dasgupta & Neel Dutt

Lyrics: Srijato & Ansuman Chakraborty

Background Score: Indraadip Dasgupta

Cinematography: Shirsho Ray

Edit: Bodhadityo Banerjee

Production Design: Ansuman Chakraborty

Chief Assistant Director: Soumyabrata Rakshit

Executive Producer: Shivasish Seth

Associate Producer: Captain Virendra Marya

Producer: Namit Bajoria

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