It’s time to party, says Indian music industry

Mumbai, April 3 (Calcutta Tube) Anu Malik is going to frame his ticket for the World Cup final, singer Mansi Scott hit the road screaming with joy, Vishal Dadlani is allowing free downloads of his new album – Bollywood’s composers and singers are still in celebratory mode at India’s euphoric win.

IANS spoke to members of the music industry, who are overjoyed. Here is what some of them had to say:

Vishal Dadlani: I’m elated!! So thrilled that Pentagram, my band is giving away free downloads of our new album, ‘Bloodywood’ for a full 24 hours! Indiaaaaaa…India.

Mansi Scott: I was on the streets last night screaming… What an innings… it’s a victory for a billion people. Nothing greater than this. I’ll be wearing something blue today (Sunday) at an event to show my support.

Kailash Kher: It’s not just winning of a world cup, but winning of an entire nation. The morale of the whole country is boosted. We have already proven our might in sectors like IT, music is going in Oscars and now even in cricket we are the champions. This has spread positivity in the nation. Dhoni was great and proved that he and his team are the best. This is just the beginning. Now many more achievements are yet to come.

Krsna: I’m ecstatic and really happy for India and especially Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar.

Sameer: When I was watching the match, I could only remember the lines of a song I had written – ‘Suno gor se duniya walon, buri nazar na hum par daalo, chahe jitna zor lagalo, sabse aage honge Hindustani’. We totally proved what we are, yesterday. We are shining in every sector. And the way the Indian team performed, it was great. It was a total team effort and I’m very happy.

Anu Malik: I was at the Wankhede Stadium yesterday (Saturday) watching the match live and I can’t explain the feeling. I am going to frame the ticket and hang it in my house. It was a night to remember, watching people on the streets, celebrating together, I had tears in my eyes. Dhoni is a super captain and one of the greatest players of all times. This World cup win has motivated all the Indians to do whatever they want to. Now India is poised to be the biggest nation in the world.

Some took to Twitter to voice their feelings.

Javed Akhtar: My salute to our team, to their determination, their courage, their talent. They have made all of us very very proud!!

Anushka Manchanda: Watched the match online through the night in California. I wish I was in Bombay right now!! Come on Indiaaa! It’s time to party! Congratulations Dhoni and team India.

Sulaiman Merchant: CHAKDE INDIA!!! So happy.


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