It’s t-shirt all the while – Ruslaan Mumtaz


With ‘MP3’ behind him and Satish Kaushik’s ‘Tere Sang’ coming up, the young actor thinks he doesn’t need to be thrift anymore! Here the budding actor shares few fashionable moments with Sabir Rahman.
Q: What is fashion according to you?
A. Fashion for me is just being oneself. If you can’t carry something, don’t go for it.
Q: Where do you mostly shop from?
A.I mostly shop in Dubai and in London from a shop called River Island.
Q: Any brands that you prefer?
A. River Island is my favourite brand. Apart from that, I wear Armani Exchange’s t-shirts and I like Zara, too.
Q: While at home, you mostly wear…
A. I wear Track pants and a t-shirt
Q: Your gym wear is like…
A. Most of the time I come back from dance classes and the gym, so I’m mostly in track pants and a t-shirt.
Q: Do you go for the formal look at times?
A. Very rarely. Till date I don’t have a suit. And I haven’t stitched one till now. Formal for me it would be jeans, shirts and a jacket.
Q: What’s your casual look like?
A. Casual would be jeans, shades and a t-shirt.
Q: What do you prefer for evening wear?
A. I like wearing jeans, t-shirt and a jacket.
Q: What about night wear?
A. At night while sleeping I wear pajamas and a t-shirt.
Q: what about accessories?
A. Not really, I just wear a watch and I’ve a ring which I bought from River Island.
Q: Which brand do you favour for footwear?
A. I prefer Nike and Shock. Most of the time, I’m wearing those shoes.
Q: Must-haves in your shaving kit…
A. It’s the razor I guess.
Q: Which is the latest perfume that you bought?
A. David of Cool Waters which I use during the day and Isimiaki during the night.
Q: Which colours do you think are a must in a wardrobe?
A. Black.
Sabir Rahman (SAMPURN)

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