It disturbs me to see filmmakers chasing crossover cinema: SRK

New Delhi, March 18 (Calcutta Tube) Shah Rukh Khan believes that the Indian movie industry is at its best times and says people should focus on globalising it instead of chasing crossover cinema.

‘The world is looking at India… But I have an aversion to one word – it disturbs me that all Indian filmmakers are chasing an elusive dream of crossover cinema,’ Shah Rukh said Friday at the India Today Conclave.

‘It is nothing at all – there is nothing known as crossover film. If there would have been one, our smarter cousins Hollywood would have made crossover films in America and taken over Indian film industry. We should think of taking over, we should be thinking of globalising Bollywood,’ he added.

With studios like Warner Bros, Sony and Disney coming to India and making Hindi and regional films, Shah Rukh feels that: ‘We need to have give and take relationship for the western cinema. We need to welcome Western films with open arms.’

‘Let them enjoy the benefits of investing in this growing Indian TV and film market, make alliances and allow them to make films here because we are cheap when it comes to expenses.’

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