It’s time to ‘Rock On’


Sufiana Kailash Kher is ready to rock on a musical reality show. He is judging ‘Rock On’ along with music composer Ram Sampath and stylish VJ Nikhil Chinappa. The singer got candid with media and shared his rocking views about music.

About show

It is different, because until today the kind of reality shows that have been made in India are looking for good singers and also that the generation has grown hearing only Bollywood music, so most of us are unaware that we have a treasure of music in our own country. We are here to pick and push that talent.

About intention

We have sidelined the rare musical instruments, but this show conveys- one who has mastered them and has the conviction, can also be a rock star. We want to make such a band that may not be known today, but at least 20 years down the line will be recognized worldwide.

About new generation

This generation kids talk about the kind of music that we call self-taught-gharana. It is self-originated. We got to hear unheard and unadulterated music from these contestants on the show.

About true rocker

There use to be a true rocker in the court of Prithvi Raj Chauhaan. His name was Chandravar Daayee. He use to rock and energize Prithviraj with his music before he use to leave for battle. So him, I call true rocker.

About the judgingthe show

Judging anyone is impossible; according to this format we are here to give only our comments. As I don’t believing in judging anyone. I am sitting here as audience, but as we are into this field we can only guide them to improve.

About TRP

This show is not made to generate TRP. In fact we are editing everything that has nothing to do with the format of the show. We are not doing or letting one do any TRP gaining stunts. We Indians fall for western music and look down upon desi so we want to change people’s perspective toward music. Media believes that we strive for TRP, but here we are to revive the dying genre of music.

-Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn Media

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