Ishqiya ‘A’ rated trailers shown during Chance Pe Dance shows


Ishqiya has been in the news more number of times than any other film before its release because of its controversial content. The trailer of Ishqiya, which has got an ‘A’ certificate, was shown in between the movie show of Ken Ghosh’s Chance Pe Dance that has got a ‘U’ certificate.

The trailer, which has a liberal use of abusive words, has shocked families. Majority of the audience for Chance Pe Dance is children and parents are discontent with the trailer as it is full of abusive language, unlike the trailer shown on TV.

According to Censor Board Regional Officer Vinayak Azad, the film had to have two trailers as they couldn’t show such explicit content on television where viewers are of all age groups. He states that the theatres are not supposed to show that trailer during a ‘U’ or ‘U/A’ certificate film and that this matter could be taken to the police.

Manoj Desai from Gaiety-Galaxy was at first unaware of what the trailer of Ishqiya had. On finding out, he has asked his staff to remove the trailer immediately.

-Sampurn Media

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