Ishq Bector-Chal Be Shane

Ishq Bector’s Chal Be Shane solo music track has been released on July 23, 2009.

Ishq Bector-Chal Be Shane

Ishq Bector’s Chal Be Shane solo music track has been released on July 23, 2009.

Indian hip-hop prince ishQ Bector is back with his new solo track– ‘Chal Be Shane’. The new track was released on Thursday, July 23.

The cool dude of hip hop is already popular for his previous tracks Aye Hip Hopper, Daaku Daddy and songs in Ugly aur Pugli, Race, Dhoom 2, Fight Club, Pyar ke Side Effects and Mission Istanbul. This track surely promises to entertain his fans as much.

“I had composed this song while I was on the show (iss jungle se mujhe bachao). It reveals the secrets of the jungle!” Says ishQ.

At a glittering launch at Enigma, JW Marriot, ishQ had quite a lot of well wishers and friends dropping in to wish him success for his new track. Among his close friends who dropped in were Adam Bedi, Nisha Harale, Sarwar Ahuja and many others from the music and entertainment industry.

And as interesting as his song is, ishQ’s way to market it is even more intriguing; he has decided to stay away from any labels! This song will be available for downloads on the Internet for a minimal price for all his fans. “Sometimes record labels can impede the creative process. So I decided to release this track independently on the net- raw and uncut.” Adds ishQ.

The very unconventional ishQ prefers to have his name written with the last letter Q in capital, well let’s give the guy some leeway; poor chap might be still down with jungle fever!

– Music -Page 3 Events and Parties / Sampurn

IshQ ki Shaanpatti to get back in Jungle

Jungle se aaya mera dost IshQ Bector has now really become shana. His task mantra is out to rock the hip-hoppers, and make plea for his second chance in Malaysian jungle.

It is now available in censored, as well as in non-censored versions on Youtube and also as solo track. “Generally we talk in that language so there is nothing wrong, but as I want even families to listen to it so we have come up with two versions. We have edited the objectionable words by substituting it with sounds in the censored version,” he raps. He rightly chose to release the album in discotheque, between his hip-hop audiences.

Looking straight-up from the tough streets of New York in his bright red long tee and tirchi topi, IshQ surely stood-out dressed to a tee as neighbourhood Homie. And before we forget, the cheer his nose stud brought to the dance floor, seriously, it dazzled more than the disco ball in the gloomy disc. We guess the party call was misinterpreted for a funeral invite, as most of his fans and friends turned up in boring black.

Coming back to the point, IshQ’s agenda to release the album is to make his way back into the jungle. “I really want to be thrown back to the jungle and perform those daring task with animals,” urged Ishq. Hope his shaanpatti glows janta ke dimag ki batti.

– Page 3 event and parties / Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn

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