‘Ishaan’ music a bouquet of songs for teenagers (IANS Music Review)

Film: ‘Ishaan’; Music Directors: Anandh Ranganathan, Dhruv Ghanekar, Kaizad Gherda and Kabir Singh; Lyricists: Irfan Siddiqui and P.A. Shreekanth; Singers: Remo Ghosh, Debopriya Banerjee, Nikhil D’Souza, Rajiv Sundaresan, Mahalaxmi, Paroma Dasgupta, Kaizad Gherda, Pawni Pande and Bappi Lahiri; Rating: ***

The music album of Disney’s TV show ‘Ishaan’ in order to target the teenagers brings forth songs that fall under the genre of pop and rock and themes such as love, friendship, future, ambitions and goals.

The album that features four music directors, two lyricists and several singers offers 10 tracks.

The album opens with ‘Sapnon ko awaz do’, crooned by Remo Ghosh and Debopriya Banerjee. This moderately paced song has a soft rock feel and is motivational in character.

Next Nikhil D’souza gets behind the mike to lend voice to ‘I’m the one’, a song soaked in the elements of rock and high on distortion. It’s a young, campus song with a youthful feel, talking about the dreams and aspirations of generation next.

Then comes in a toast to friendship ‘Pyaari yaari dosti’, which has vocals by Remo Ghosh and Debopriya Banerjee. Guitar strumming is the most prominent in the moderately paced song that talks about the importance of friendship and friends in one’s life.

The acoustic version of ‘Jo pyaar ho gaya’ is a mushy outing that gets an edge when the chorus seeps in. It’s sung by Rajiv Sundaresan and Mahalaxmi. The mushy outing has a raw feel.

Up next is ‘Dhinchak’, which falls flat owing to uninteresting composition. Sung by Rajiv Sundaresan, Paroma Dasgupta and Kaizad Gherda, the song is full of Indianised beats like that of dhol, but it still fails to create a mark. The pacy track is meant to be a dance number.

Then there is ‘Owwa owwa’, which is a track signifying the free spirit and go getter attitude of the young generation. It’s high on beats and will surely appeal to teenagers.

Next comes the original version of the song ‘Jo pyaar ho gaya’, which is quite similar to the acoustic version, with just a few more instruments getting added in the orchestration.

‘Khwab yeh kal’ is a peppy track talking about the ambitions and the future of youngsters in a contemporary approach. It’s not very different from the other songs in the album.

Then comes in the rock version of the song ‘Sapnon ko awaz do’.

And finally Bappi Lahiri makes his presence felt with the track ‘Disco’, a track for the young ones. While the lyrics are not so impressive, Bappi’s voice and style are the song speciality.

On the whole, the album is quite on the line of the show and is basically meant for teenagers owing to its theme, genre and sounds.

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