IPRS announces awareness drive against music piracy in Kolkata

The Indian Performing Right Society announced an awareness programme with registrations of new artists and awarding royalties to existing artists at a press conference on Wednesday, Mar 28, 2012 in Kolkata.
Eminent singers and songwriters like Srikanta Acharya, Rupam Islam, Anupam Roy, Anindya Chaterjee, Sidhu, Surojeet and others were present to grace the occation.
The Indian Performing Rights Society Ltd. (IPRS), a body that protects the right in musical and literary works, announced an ‘awareness programme’ with registrations of new artists and awarding royalties to existing artists in Kolkata on Wednesday.
Popular names from music industry like Rupam Islam of Bangla band ‘Fossils’ fame, Srikanta Acharya, Monomoy Bhattachrya, Anupam Roy, Raghab Chatterjee, owners of audio companies like Asha Audio, Raga Music, Gathani Music and others were present at the event.
The programme was hosted by Sidhu of Bangla band ‘Cactus’ fame.
On explaining the purpose of  IPRS, Rakesh Nigam, CEO, IPRS, said, “Everyone produces music to earn economically and it is an asset which needs to be monetized and royalties must go to the authors, composers and publishers.”
“Over the years, consumption of music has increased by 50% but monetisation has fallen by 50%. Moreover, MP3 and piracy are causing big losses to the industry,” he said.
Rupam who is already a member of IPRS for quite a few years now, said, “I have registered my songs many times with IPRS and did all the procedure needed. But sometimes I get minimal amount of money and sometimes I do not receive any money, but never question anyone despite the fact that my songs are played so many times in radio stations. So what will happen to it, is my question.”
On the other hand, Sabita Chowdhury (wife of late composer Salil Chowdhury), composer Mrinal Bandhopadhay and Jatileswar Mukherjee said they were very pleased with the royalties they are receiving from IPRS.
Surojit Chatterjee, lead singer of Bangla band ‘Bhoomi’ and singer Anindo Bose, who are not yet members of IPRS, asked about the facilities they will get after they become a member.

Abhishek Basu, Regional Manager Licencing (East), said, ” 30% of the collected fund goes to composer, 20% to song writer and 50% to IPRS.”

D S Lahiri, Asha Audio, clearly stated that they will take serious steps against FM Radio as they cannot play any songs they want to unless they take permission from IPRS as the copyright act is with them.
IPRS is the Copyright Society registered with the Govt of India that issues Public Performance Licence to organization or individual and also safeguard the economic rights of Song Writers, Music Composers and the Publishers.
(Reporting By Priyam Mallick)

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