Interview with Madhavan-Teen Patti Hindi Movie star

Mumbai Feb 3 (Calcutta Tube) From ‘3 Idiots’ to ‘Teen Patti’, R. Madhavan is surely doing a different kind of cinema but he doesn’t want to experiment with the genres. The multilingual actor says he just wants to work on good scripts but rues that these are hard to come by.

‘I don’t want to experiment with genres, I just want to work on great scripts. I wish I had the luxury of saying that I have six scripts that are fantastic and let me see which one I want to do,’ Madhavan told IANS in an interview.


‘Finding one good script is a huge challenge. So I do a film whose script comes and grabs me. Once I finish that, I look forward to the next movie,’ he added.


Madhavan admitted that he follows his instincts while shooting although he goes through the necessary preparation to get under the skin of a character.


‘I take all the information, I do all the rehearsals and the positioning and then I switch myself off completely. I forget whatever I have learnt and let the instincts take over. Sometimes it is the cumulative effects of all but sometimes it is natural and totally different from what I have rehearsed to be,’ said the actor, who shares screen space with Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Teen Patti’.


He is a huge fan of Bachchan and has become his devotee after working with him.


‘I was a huge fan of Mr. Bachchan and now I am his devotee. It’s his personality that made him stay in the industry for 40 years,’ he said.


Directed by Leena Yadav, ‘Teen Patti’ is an emotionally riveting and razor sharp thriller about greed and deception. Releasing Feb 26, it also stars Hollwyood veteran Ben Kingsley.


Asked about his character in the film, Madhavan said: ‘I play a professor who wants to have the luxuries of life as soon as possible. So he makes certain compromises for which he has to make a lot of sacrifices.’


The actor was recently seen in the super duper hit ‘3 Idiots’. After the film, Madhavan, who has always been choosy about his movies, would go even slower.


‘I am very choosy about my films. I don’t do a film just for the sake of money. I will continue to be choosy and I will go even slower now. I will wait for movies that are of equal calibre or have something, at least little bit, in respect to ‘3 Idiots’. ‘Teen Patti’ is one among them.’


Talking about his transition from a student in ‘3 Idiots’ to a professor in ‘Teen Patti’, he said: ‘Actually, I did the role of the professor first and then became a student. We actually finished ‘Teen Patti’ before ‘3 Idiots’.’


Madhavan’s next project is director Aanand L. Rai’s ‘Tannu Weds Mannu’. It is a romantic movie and he has teamed up with Kangana Ranaut in it.


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