Interview: Kritika Kamra-the Kitni Mohabbat Hai actress

Kritika Kamra, the lovely girl who is popularly known for her debut in NDTV Imagine’s ‘Kitni Mohabbat Hai’ talks about the how the show will always be close to her heart, even though the serial is now off-air.

Feb 10, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): Kritika Kamra, the lovely girl who is popularly known for her debut in NDTV Imagine’s ‘Kitni Mohabbat Hai’ talks about the how the show will always be close to her heart, even though the serial is now off-air.

According to the bubbly actress she found the love of her life in the show, in an exclusive interview she talks about her love for ‘Kitni Mohabbat Hai’.

How is Kritika in real life?
Well looks can be deceiving, I am not as I am portrayed on the television I am not angry on everyone. (Smiles) Generally I am a happy-go-lucky person, but that doesn’t mean anyone can pull an easy one on me, if need be I can nag till I cool down. I am happy with the small incidents in life, anything can make me happy- anyone can make me laugh, happy and win me and can also make me cry easily. I am a bundle of various emotions in different combination. ‘Complicated’ is one word that defines me clearly. (Laughs)

Were you this complicated and emotional since childhood?
I will just say a big NO to that! You will not believe that I was a bully in primary school. I use to bully others, especially boys and always flex my power parading I am stronger than them. But then as I grew older I realized that I am girl, even though I am more stronger than boys mentally but physically I won’t beat them so all my harassment stopped. Same thing happened at my home with my younger brother when he was small I use to terrorize and hit them like anything, but as time passed he became taller and stronger than me and eventually I let it go.

One college memory you would like to share?
I use to bunk lectures and once my teachers caught me roaming in the corridor, was I scared! But nothing actually happened, as they were searching for me to act in a show called ‘Yahan Ke Hum Sikander’ which was to be held in Mumbai. Subsequently everything was fine and I was sent to Mumbai for the show.
Trust me, it is unnerving to see teachers standing right in front of you when you have bunked the lectures!

How did you bag the role in NDTV Imagine’s ‘Kitni Mohabbat Hai’?
Actually Balaji Telefilms were constantly approaching me to work in their production, but somehow things were not working from my end. But eventually with ‘Kitni Mohabbat Hai’ I realized that this is something that I wanted to do. And as it was Balaji, a big banner and good story things somehow fell in place and everything was good. Thereafter things went on the right track and I signed for the show as I thought that this was a right decision.

If asked to choose one between ‘Kitni Mohabbat Hai’ and ‘Pyaar Ka Bandhan’, what will be you choice?
Obviously, ‘Kitni Mohabbat Hai’, every time. The show, as I said is very close to my heart as it was my first show in which I was the protagonist along with Karan Kundra, my love. I met him on ‘Kitni …’ so it will always be my first choice. Not only the cast, but also the technicians had become very close to me and it was like a big happy family.

Tell us some good and bad memories from ‘Kitni Mohabbat Hai’?
Well good one is that when there was some emotional scene going on sets and if an actor use to cry I would feel like crying. So that was an emotional moment which was very good for us. There is not a single bad moment I had on ‘Kitni’. But I am a very clumsy person and keep injuring myself, so in a way it was bad as I use to fall from chairs or once a table fan fell on me! (Laughs)

How is it working in ‘Pyaar Ka Bandhan’?
Though my role in ‘Pyaar Ka Bandhan’ is similar to ‘Kitni…’ of that of a middle class girl who falls in love, but I feel Prateeksha is tougher than Arohi. The role is very much strong not financially, but when it comes to the overall personality. Working in ‘Pyaar Ka Bandhan’ is also great for me as here I am there to essay a different role with different storyline and different character.

What are your future plans?
Right now I am concentrating on ‘Pyaar Ka Bandhan’ and not any other show. But let’s see if something good comes up though right now I am busy with ‘Pyaar Ka Bandhan’.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Wire

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