International Film festival of India-Film selection process veiled in secrecy

Panaji, Nov 19 (Calcutta Tube) Secrecy shrouds the process of selecting films for the 41st International Film festival of India (IFFI) starting Nov 22.

With less than four days remaining for the festival to kick off, the organisers have still not been able to formally put out the entire list of films scheduled to be screened at the gala touted as the top film event in the country.

Director of Film Festivals S.M. Khan, however, has ruled out delay in the releasing of the names.

‘What do you mean by delay? There is no delay. A 20-member jury comprising eminent film personalities have watched 450 movies. They have made their decision,’ Khan said.

Incidentally, not only has the list of movies to be screened for the IFFI been kept a secret, the list of members of the jury is also under wraps.

‘IFFI wants to ape foreign film festivals like the Cannes event, but then why such secrecy? International film festivals abroad publish their list of films weeks in advance so that film buffs can actually get time to look up movies. The IFFI process of selection is so secretive that it raises suspicion of favouritism,’ a filmmaker said asking not to be quoted.

‘Because of the delay, filmmakers whose films have not been selected have no time to appeal against the selection process. The names of selected films and jury members should have been uploaded on the organisers website by now,’ the filmmaker added.

However, Khan claimed otherwise.

‘There is no question of a problem. We have already intimated most directors whose films have been selected for screening at the IFFI,’ Khan said.

The 10-day festival will be inaugurated by Bollywood master filmmaker Yash Chopra.

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