Infosys Murthy’s son Rohan to wed TVS Venu’s daughter

Bangalore, Aug 7 (IANS) N.R. Rohan Murthy, son of Infosys Technologies Ltd chairman N.R. Narayana Murthy and Sudha Murthy will soon marry Lakshmi, daughter of TVS Motor Company chairman Venu Srinivasan and Mallika Srinivasan.

‘Yes, Rohan had proposed to Lakshmi Thursday in Chennai and the latter had consented. They have known each other for over six months and have been in touch regularly since then,’ Murthy told IANS here Saturday.

The wedding date, however, has not been decided as the parents on both sides have left the decision to the would-be couple.

‘It is up to them to decide when to marry. Rohan is quite independent. Though we are his parents, we have left the date of wedding and location to him and Lakshmi to decide and tell us,’ Murthy said.

Rohan, 27, is a doctoral student in computer sciences at Harvard University in the US, with a Microsoft research fellowship and owns around two percent of Infosys’ blue-chip shares as promoter’s son.

Lakshmi, also 27, has a doctorate in engineering management from Warwick University in Britain and is a board member of the Chennai-based TVS group firm Sundaram Clayton as strategy chief.

Lakshmi’s mother Mallika is the daughter of the Amalgamations Group chairman A. Sivasailam.

Murthy’s daughter Akshata got married to her Stanford classmate Rishi Sunak Aug 30, 2009 in Bangalore. She holds around 1.4 percent equity stake in the IT bellwether.

‘Though I have known Venu and Mallika for long as business friends, it is heartening to know that we will become relatives soon, thanks to Rohan and Lakshmi,’ Narayana Murthy said.

Admitting that Rohan’s choice of a life partner came as a pleasant surprise, he said he and Sudha were delighted and relieved that their only son has decided to settle down with Lakshmi.

‘We are very happy that Rohan is getting married soon and to a wonderful girl of his choice. As parents, we wish him and Lakshmi a happy, prosperous and glorious life,’ Murthy, who is also Infosys’ first chief mentor, noted.

Murthy’s family sources hinted that the wedding would take place in Chennai and reception in Bangalore, ‘most probably this year’.

Going down memory lane, Murthy recalled his own marriage to Sudha three decades ago after he proposed to her in Pune, where they both were working at Patni Computers and Telco, respectively.

‘We met through a mutual friend and got married after she consented to my proposal,’ Murthy quipped.

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