Indrani Haldar-‘I have never taken television lightly’

Indrani Halder, the national award winning film actress believes that reaching out to the audience through good work is more important than any medium itself. Read the interview with the critically acclaimed actress exclusive at CalcuttaTube.

Indrani Halder, the national award winning film actress believes that reaching out to the audience through good work is more important than any medium itself. Read the interview with the critically acclaimed actress exclusive at CalcuttaTube.


Calcutta Tube: You have worked in telefilms, TV serials, feature films. What is your favorite medium?
Indrani Halder: I do not have a favorite medium as such. I have enjoyed working in each medium. Every medium has its own advantages. The television is an easy and fast medium to reach to the audience. Television also offers more scopes of experimentation. Films have an archival value and can reach out to the national and international audience. A feature film offers different kind of a canvas and has its own charm. As an artist I think getting recognition in a medium is more important than the medium itself. I love working in every medium.

Calcutta Tube: Does working in the television medium snatch away the stardom that the silver screen brings to an artist?
Indrani Halder: I do not think it applies for me in the least way, since I started my acting career from television. My works for the television brought me the opportunities of working on silver screen. I have been working in feature films for the last 22 years. I work just as much as I want to. I do not crave for more than what I am doing, and I also have strict preferences. I am have constantly ben working for television. Television has brought me international fame. I reached the international audience through the Sony TV program ‘Sujata’. I have undoubtedly achieved a lot working in the Bengali film industry, but the Hindi TV has helped me being acclaimed internationally. I have never taken television lightly. And I also do not believe in stardom. I believe in good work. That is the only way to reach out the audience and make a parmanant place in their hearts. It does not matter whatever medium you are working in. Working in a feature film does not provide any kind of assurance of making a strong position in the minds of the audience. There are so many ‘not-so-good’ films made that people do not even watch. And there a plethora of good television works and tv actors who are far more acclaimed and loved by the audience. So the work is more important than the medium.

Calcutta Tube: You have worked both in Mumbai and Kolkata. How is Bollywood different from the Bengali film industry?
Indrani Halder: Bollywood is much bigger than the Bengali film industry in certain aspect. Bollywood has more money, bigger canvas and recognition. But Bengal is far ahead as far as creativities are concerned which every Bollywood person agree upon. Even our regional Bengali programs reflect much more talents than theirs in each and every department. I feel very proud when they show respect towards our rich cultural heritage.

Calcutta Tube: You have done so many versatile roles in your acting career. Are there some roles in particular that you have enjoyed working in more than the others?
Indrani Halder: There are so many. I played the role of a blind singer in Atanu Ghosh’s ‘Aaloy Phera’ which was very challenging to me, though it was a telefilm. It was a very realistic one, not like the ones we generally see in movies. I had to sing, talk just like any visually challenged person would do. My role in ‘Sanjhbatir Rupkathara’ was a very remarkable one. I have also enjoyed doing the role of Madhura in ‘Angshumaner Chhobi’.

Calcutta Tube: Are there any characters that have been very difficult to portray?
Indrani Halder: Not really. In Anjan Das’s ‘Faltu’, I played the role of a mentally disbalanced woman who has been raped six times. It was quite difficult to get everything done, espcially at the outdoor shoots in the rural areas. I had to wear minimum clothes possible to portray the mentally retarded character and there were a lot of physical exertions involved. There were many practical problems involved in doing the character. But it was worth it. I was very much acclaimed for the work.

Calcutta Tube: What other movies are you working in right now?
Indrani Halder: I have worked in four films that are waiting to be released. One of them is ‘Antarbash’.

Calcutta Tube: What are your plans for the Durga puja?
Indrani Halder:
I would just enjoy a break.

Calcutta Tube: You have a busy schedule working both in Kolkata and Mumbai? How do you manage everything?
Indrani Halder: Time management is really is a big issue. Right now, I have taken a break from Mumbai, since I have things to take care of in Kolkata.

Calcutta Tube: Have you ever thought of coming into direction?
Indrani Halder: I may, in the future. But I enjoy being a producer more. I am producing a few digital films.

Calcutta Tube: What is your beauty secret, since you look so pretty all the time?
Indrani Halder: I watch what I eat and I take proper rest. I maintain a very disciplined life, which is very important. The way you feel inside shows on your face. I really do not have much time or interest in beauty therapies. Once in a while, I may want to, but I do not have any inclination.

Calcutta Tube: What are your hobbies?
Indrani Halder: I like to chat on the internet.

Interview by: Shrabanti Basu, CT Reporter, USA

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