Indraneil Sengupta on Riingo’s Bengali Movie System, Bollywood (Interview)

Actor Indraneil Sengupta with actress wife Barkha BishtAugust 1, 2011 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Model turned actor Indraneil Sengupta who is critically acclaimed for his performances many ace directors of the Bengali film industry shares his thoughts on his latest Bengali movie ‘System‘ by Riingo which deals with the underworld of Bengal. The film also has Suvra Kundu, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Suvra Kundu in the cast and music director Jeet Ganguuly who has composes the numbers for the film in a special role. Read the candid interview with Indraneil at Calcutta Tube.

How would you describe “System”?

“System” is a fast paced full Bengali action thriller.

What was your experience while working in this film which introduces something completely new?

There is definitely something new. The first thing is that I haven’t watched many Bengali films before this so I don’t know the Bengali film industry very well but I have been told that there hasn’t been any film based on underworld before. If that is true, then yes this is a new concept. Secondly there have been a lot of action films but the action in “System” is on a completely different level. It is an attempt to give a look of a foreign film. Obviously there are the budget constraints of a Bengali movie but still it is an attempt to reach the level of a Hollywood film.

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[ReviewAZON asin=”B0057XXJKI” display=”inlinepost”]So can this film compete on an all India level? There have been several gangster movies in Bollywood. Where does this film stand in comparison to those films?

No we are not concerned about whether or not it will be able to compete on an all India level, our main concern lies with the audience of entire West Bengal including Kolkata. If the film somehow by grace of God gets a standing at an all India level then that would be a bonus but our priority lies in satisfying the people.

What was your experience while working with Riingo and Sabyasachi Chakraborty?

I have worked with Riingo before and this is my second film with him. I loved working with him in ‘Jodi Ekdin’ and I also loved working with him in “System”. Ringo is a very smart and today’s director. The way he works is very modern. So far as Benuda (Sabyasachi) is concerned there is both a positive and negative impact of working with someone like him. The plus is that you get to learn a lot and after occupying the stage with him I felt that yes I have become an actor, so it’s a matter of pride. The negative is that when Benuda speaks from his height and in his voice then you feel as if you need to hide. So there is always that fear of remaining unnoticed in his presence.

The look of this film is very stylized and the character you play is also quite different from your previous projects. What do you have to say about that?

Yes the look of the film is very different, very stylized. Everything including the colour tone makes the film very stylish and so far as my character is concerned, yes it is different from what I have played in the past. Here I portray the role of a killer so there had to be a lot of style and a lot of attitude.

It seems that you have sculpted your body to perfection. What did you do to get that look?

Well there is a lot of action in this movie, so a toned body was required. I was on a strict diet and I avoided sweets and alcohol, which was quite difficult for me as I love to eat. I also did a lot of exercises and Barkha helped me out a lot. It was hard work but I think it has paid off.

You have been experimenting a lot with your roles. What are your plans for the future? Are we going to see you in something more different?

In reality I did not choose the roles, they chose me. You could say that I was fortunate. So far as the future is concerned I really like to play the role of a man in uniform as the concept has always fascinated.

Any director with whom you would like to work?

I would like to work with everyone. I don’t have any prejudices whether it be watching or acting in movies.

You had mentioned before that your inspiration had been Salman Khan. So would you join him in Bollywood in future?

I obviously want to do so but people in Bollywood don’t have plans for me. I obviously have plans but they don’t have any plans for me.

So where are we going to see you next?

There is a film releasing on 12th (of August) called Uro Chithi in which I am present.

 (Images by Avishek Mitra/ Interview by Arnab Chakraborty)

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