Indian clothes are even costlier than the ego of Indian designers – Bhairavi Goswami


Q. How would you like to define fashion?
A. Fashion for me is feel good factor with clothes one wear. It has to be well fitting outfits which look beautiful and make you feel free.

Q. Where do you generally buy your dresses from?
A. I like to buy them from outside India only. I feel that Indian clothes are even costlier than the ego of Indian designers. I simply can’t afford them.

Q. Which brand do you prefer the most?
A. There are many brands that I like but I love Karen Miller the most. And not to forget Kwali for their animal prints.

Q. Do you enjoy fashion shows?
A. Yeah. Sometimes.

Q. Who is your favourite fashion designer?
A. No one from India as because their design and price for the designs are quite in contradiction. A rupees ten thousand sari does never look like they worth the money.

Q. The costliest outfit you own…
A. It’s a Moskino.

Q. Your preferable party wears?
A. It’s only salwar suit because it looks very feminine and at the same time very regal, too.

Q. What do you prefer to wear at home?
A. I feel free in track suits only.

Q. Do you have any preference of colour?
A. I look for clothes of warm colours only. But there is no particular colour as such for which I go for shopping.

Q. Any fashion tips for our readers?
A. You may wear whatever you wish but please don’t forget to add a little charm of smile with your outfits. No branded or costly dress can help you look better if you lose in vivacity.

Rajnee Gupta (SAMPURN)

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