India monitoring Pakistan after border tunnel reports: Krishna

New Delhi, Jan 25 (IANS) India was closely monitoring Pakistan’s activities in the wake of media reports suggesting it was digging tunnels along its border in Sargodha district and would analyse its ‘implications’, External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna said here Monday.

‘We are closely monitoring whatever has been happening in Pakistan and both our defence ministry as well as our ministry will certainly work together to analyse what it means by way of implications to India,’ Krishna said.

He was reacting to media reports about Pakistan building tunnels in the Sargodha district of Pakistani Punjab, not far from the border with India.

‘An attempt is being made to establish the purpose of digging up such tunnels which are really big in size,’ the report quoted an intelligence official as saying.

‘These clearly cannot be meant for transport as is obvious from the images available; unlike ordinary tunnels they don’t lead on to roads,’ the official added.

Sargodha is said to be the storage hub for Pakistan’s missiles and nuclear-capable aircraft.

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