India gets its very own Comedy Store

New Delhi, June 23 (Calcutta Tube) The Comedy Store, a live stand-up comedy theatre originally launched in London, now has its branch in India’s entertainment capital, courtesy co-founder Don Ward and stand-up comedian-actor Vir Das.

The first show Wednesday was at the 300-seater theatre in Mumbai’s Phoenix Mall.

‘Don Ward has collaborated with my production company Wierdass Productions to launch this experience. We will hold experimental evenings around comedy where unpredictable acts of comedy will take place to enthrall the audience,’ Vir told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

As part of the tie-up, Vir will bring out innovative stand-up acts and experimental comedy evenings. He has formed a concept called ‘The Weirdass Outbox’ that specialises in out-of-the-box comedy.

‘There are a lot of comedy clubs in the country and in Mumbai. But this Comedy Store will offer unique acts. For example, I have an alter ego of a spiritual leader, Guru Sri Sri Sri Ravi Darsaan. This would probably be the first act and will introduce The Art of Laughing Programme. It will have things like comedy satsang, yoga, exercise – things that one would not find at regular comedy clubs,’ said Vir.

Subsequently, other performers from his company too will be putting up different acts for the audience.

Vir often performed at Ward’s theatre in London, and that’s how the idea of opening such a space in India came into being.

‘Don kept telling me we must keep in touch and gradually we built an extremely good equation. That’s how this project came into being. The investment is by Don and it’s his baby. But my company will be performing for the audience,’ he added.

Apart from the new project, Vir’s kitty has been full with projects ever since he was seen in Yashraj Films’ ‘Badmaash Company’. Now he is excited about ‘Delhi Belly’ and also Tanuja Chandra’s next. He is also preparing for a world tour for his comedy shows and hopes he can strike a good balance between all his projects.

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