India criticises sinking of South Korean ship

New Delhi, May 21 (Calcutta Tube) India Friday criticised the sinking of a South Korean Navy ship and appreciated the ‘restraint’ shown by South Korea in its handling of the emotive issue.

The South Korean warship was hit by a torpedo March 26 and sank, leading to the death of 46 sailors. After nearly two months, an international team of civil and military investigators held North Korea responsible for the incident Thursday, pointing out that the markings on the torpedo fragments matched those of North Korean armaments that it had tried to sell abroad.

New Delhi confirmed that the South Korean government had ‘shared with us the report of the Joint Civilian-Military Investigation Group’.

‘We condemn the incident and condole with the Republic of Korea on the tragic loss of life,’ said a statement issued by the external affairs ministry.

However, there was no mention of North Korea by name in the Indian statement, even as it commended the Asian economic giant’s response. ‘India appreciates the maturity and restraint with which the Republic of Korea has been handling the issue with a view to maintaining peace and stability in the region,’ it said.

North Korea has, meanwhile, denied any role and threatened that any action against it would be deemed an act of war.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who will be visiting the region soon, has also roundly condemned the sinking of the ship.

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