India’s Got Talent Finale Victory-Prince

Overwhelmed with the victory in India’ Got Talent, Prince talks about his experience in a candid interview.

India’s Got Talent Finale Victory-Prince-Interview

‘India’s Got Talent’ has finally attained its purpose. The most uniquely talented group ‘Prince and Group’ had a flip of destiny with the arrival of lord Ganesha blessing them on their victory in the finale. The Group was awarded Maruti Glitz car, and Rupees 50 lac in cash, for their magnificent talent. Overwhelmed with the victory, Prince got candid with media and shares his experience so far.

After enduring much hardship, how does it feel to have won the show?

For the first time in my life, I am so happy. We have never experienced this kind of feeling ever before in life.

Did you all ever think that you could win this show?

We have reached so far only because of god’s grace and hard work. I was sure that we will reach the finals, but not too sure of winning.

Among the contestants whom did you consider a threat in the finals?

All of them, as they all were good in their respective acts.

Who is your favorite judge on the show?

We love all of them; because of their genuine verdicts janta has voted us. We are thankful to both judges and janta.

You have always done Krishna acts, any specific reasons?

My parents have named me Krishna, and our family has immense faith on the lord and also, we have been drawing inspiration from him, so doing an act on him is fun. We will keep doing this act along with new acts, as this has changed our lives.

You have always intended to win the show purely for your talent and not by sympathy vote. So now as you all have won the show, tell us about your backgrounds?

We use to work at construction sites before the show. We have decided to quit that job and seriously pursue a career in professional dancing. This Show has greatly changed our lives. For now we will go back home, but yes, we will definitely come to Mumbai to perform. We had also come earlier in one of the dance show, but could only make this far. We would still continue to participate in such reality shows.

How did you all form the group?

I had immense faith on these kids. They are extremely talented and hardworking. So I got them together, and taught them dancing.

What would you do with the whopping price money?

We are planning to open a dance institute, for the underprivileged people who nurture a passion for dancing, but cannot afford to seek training.

Who will own the car in your group?

We all will drive it one by one.

-Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn

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