In Due course of time


Surya Sarkar is shocked. The fashion designer doesn’t know why Mugdha Godse, whose outfits he designed in her next film, All The Best, is refusing to pay him. When he insisted on getting his money, her boyfriend Mithun came over to Surya’s place and slapped him.

Mugdha asked Surya to design her clothes and he agreed. He designed her outfits but when he asked for payment, she kept refusing. He then told her that he wouldn’t give her the remaining outfits if she didn’t make the payment. Mithun then went to his house and demanded that he give Mugdha’s clothes. Surya asked for his money and Mithun slapped him.

He doesn’t understand why Mugdha is behaving this way. He has worked with her on Jail as well but there was no problem that time. He considered registering a police complaint but didn’t.

-Sampurn Media

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