Imtiaz Ali-Movie Director

Imtiaz Ali the maker of Jab We Met, is now making Love Aaj Kal with Saif and Deepika. Explore the director and person Imtiaz Ali in this interview.

Imtiaz Ali-Movie Director

Imtiaz Ali has left a lasting impression as a film maker from his debut direction in Jab We Met. Now he is working for his upcoming movie, Love Aaj Kal with Saif and Deepika. Explore the director and person Imtiaz Ali in this interview.

He is just two films old, but has left an indelible mark as a filmmaker. He changed the mindset of romantic flicks being just about STARS dressed up and waltzing to glory. Jab We Met not only became a milestone in his career as a director, but also gave a strong foundation to the stardom of both Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor. And, now Imtiaz Ali is all set with another out-of-the-box romantic film titled Love Aaj Kal. Love Aaj Kal has Saif sitting on the producers’ seat and also, sharing screen space with Deepika Padukone.

Imtiaz Ali in this candid interview talks about his forthcoming venture and also about his experience so far in Bollywood.

Tell us about Love Aaj Kal…what new dimension have you added to this love story, unlike other regular run-of-the-mill romantic films?

Love Aaj Kal is a comparative analysis between contemporary and modern love relationships and romance in old times. The film revolves around two love-stories set in different era. Basically, the film is a reflection of what we experience every day. The argument between older and new generations on the meaning of love; where former complain of latter not being that emotional or passionate about their feelings and latter about the strange commitment of couples towards each other under strange conditions. So, my film is in a nutshell ‘a changing face of romance’.

How has Saif been as a producer?

Saif is blessed with a vision. The reason for reinventing his career is because he wants to experiment with his thoughts, in his production. Despite this very fact, I think Saif gave me a much needed creative freedom in making Love Aaj Kal. Although we are independent thinkers, but the level of understanding between us did not let our creative minds clash.

You have done a small role in Anurag Kashyap’s Black Friday. Any plans to get into acting considering the fact that you have a very good screen presence?

It was out of goodwill that I agreed to work with my dear friend Anurag. However, as far as acting is concerned, it’s definitely a big NO. I would never venture in something where my heart is not inclined.

Ok let’s talk about your career in direction. What does Jab We Met mean to you? How has life been after Jab We Met?

I feel my work is bigger than me. Till the time I am contributing, I am answerable for good and bad. I welcome all the conditions with an open mind. Jab We Met is like a dear old friend who no longer spends time with me, in-fact it has gone away. A friend, who was destined to be with me for some time and earn laurels, but I have detached myself from it now. Like Jab We Met; Love Aaj Kal too will become history post its release, when I will venture into my next project. I am not hungry for limelight. I know my work will speak for me. However, yes, things have definitely changed after Jab We Met. I feel overwhelmed by the gesture of people who show their desire to work with me. Something which never happened before Jab We Met came into limelight. As you said you are not hungry for limelight.

Is it the reason for you keeping low-key despite the super-success of Jab We Met?

Well, honestly, yes, I am very shy and not a media-savvy person. I will make my presence feel if it is needed. I don’t like to be the centre of attraction. I like to remain in my own cocoon. Today, I am entertaining my audience for I am passionate about my work. I care least about the attention I get as a celebrity in the industry. I still live like a common man. I still get calls from my bank that I have to transfer some funds to sustain the minimum balance. And trust me I love and take pride in my lifestyle.

Do you believe in Campism in the industry? If given a choice which camp would you like to join?

Campism doesn’t bring a negative picture in my mind. In-fact, it comes with the level one share with another person. If few people think alike or have certain level of comfort they are bound to bounce back together. However, as far as I am concerned, I am scared about my creative freedom because of which I don’t make multiple films. Without sounding boastful I feel my work-style might not gel with most of the people out there in the industry.


– Bollywood Interviews / Esha Razdan/ Sampurn

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