Improve Mumbai infrastructure, says governor

Mumbai, March 4 (IANS) Maharashtra Governor K. Sankaranarayanan Thursday stressed the need for focusing on improving Mumbai’s urban infrastructure, water supply and transportation.

Sankranarayan told reporters at the Raj Bhavan that there should be unanimity on such developmental isues.

‘Let politics be limited to elections. After elections they (political parties) should concentrate on developmental and public issues,’ he said.

The governor said the city cannot be compared with any other in the world.

‘Anybody can live in Mumbai, the rich, the middle-class and the deprived sections, all co-exist here,’ he said, praising the unique cosmopolitan character of the city.

Ruling out any ban on so-called ‘outsiders’ coming to work and live in Mumbai, he said that the city was for all Indians.

To a specific query on whether restrictions could be enforced on migrants owing to the overburdened infrastructure, Sankaranarayanan said it is up to the civic administration to make necessary arrangements and provide the requisite infrastructure like drinking water and transportation.

At the same time, the governor argued that other regions of the state must not be discriminated vis-a-vis Mumbai on developmental issues.

Sankaranarayanan, a veteran politician from Kerala, took over as the new governor Jan 22. This was his first media interaction after assuming charge.

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