Impact of nuclear liability bill in India unknown

New Delhi, Sep 4 (Calcutta Tube) India’s move to bring in supplier liability could have an impact on its nuclear programme but the actual outcome is still unknown, an official of the International Energy Agency (IEA) said here Friday.

Last week, both houses of parliament passed the civil nuclear liability bill, which allows an operator to take recourse against a supplier for an accident or a disaster in a nuclear installation.

This is the first such supplier liability introduced by any country which has a nuclear power programme.

‘I don’t know. It (supplier liability) is interesting. It may have some impact,’ executive director of IEA Nobuo Tanaka told reporters, in response to a question of the possible fallout of the Indian civil nuclear liability bill.

‘Safety is a key requirement of nuclear power,’ he added.

There had been criticism from the nuclear industry that the introduction of supplier liability will discourage potential players in the market and thereby put a dampener on the Indian nuclear programme, which has a target of setting up installed capacity of 60,000 MW by 2035.

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