Imagine That (2009) Review

‘Imagine That’ the recent drama with Eddie Murphy has received a very mixed reaction from the critics and audience. Some say it is great, some don’t. For a film like ‘Imagine That’ it is more up to the person who is watching it ad their taste of comedy and drama that decides the performance of film.

Imagine That (2009) Hollywood Children’s Comedy Movie Review

Imagine That’ the recent drama with Eddie Murphy has received a very mixed reaction from the critics and audience. Some say it is great, some don’t. For a film like ‘Imagine That‘ it is more up to the person who is watching it ad their taste of comedy and drama that decides the performance of film. Eddie Murphy is great mostly, except for a few overreacting comic scenes. The film reminded me of another film that I watched a few months back, ‘Bedtime Stories’, which has some fantasy factor in it. But ‘Imagine That’ has a bit more imaginary situations in the film that I thoroughly enjoyed. If you like to imagine things, you may enjoy  ‘Imagine That’. Pre Order the Imagine That DVD today

Imagine That (2009) DVD Release
Imagine That (2009) DVD Release

Imagine That (2009) Movie Details
Genres: Comedy, Kids/Family and Science Fiction/Fantasy
Running Time: 1 hr. 47 min.
Release Date: June 12th, 2009 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG for some mild language and brief questionable behavior.
Distributors: Paramount Pictures
Starring: Eddie Murphy, Thomas Haden Church, Nicole Ari Parker, Ronny Cox, Martin Sheen
Directed by: Karey Kirkpatrick
Produced by: Ric Kidney, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Ed Solomon

Storyline of Imagine That (2009) and Critic’s Review
‘Imagine That’ may be called a fairy tale of the modern times where a little girl named Olivia (Yara Shahidi) (can be thought as a princess in her own ways) visits a wonderland with her loving father Evan Danielson. Eddie Murphy plays the role of her father, a divorced man who has to take care of her little girl, no matter how busy he gets and how much workload he got laid on his shoulders. And he does a pretty good at that, in spite of a few little odds that take place. He cannot make perfect pancakes, or overlooks that the milk in the fridge has turned sour, but he is always a very cute loving father to her precious princess.

Olivia is just too obsessed with her little purple blanket. She does not leave it for a single moment, not only in her sleep, or at the breakfast table, even at school she clings to it and listens to what her magical blanket advises her. For her it is not a mere blanket, it is her magic wand which is almost a living entity. And then one night life starts getting way too magical suddenly with this blankie for Evan and Olivia.

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One night when Evan, a financial executive by profession, has to work late and talks to his peer over the phone about some business deals, his daughter comes to him and says that her imaginary friends, the three princesses of some adventureland – Mopitta, Flopitta, and Qualli advises him not to do certain business deals. As any normal father, he rebukes his daughter and sends her to bed. The next morning right before the important meeting he discovers that his daughter has painted all over his important papers because her three imaginary friends has told her that it would be all right to do so, since his father will not need these papers any more. To his utter disgust Evan goes to attend the meeting and ends up with a big joke – explaining to his boss and co-workers in the workplace the inner meanings of the sketches. And when he sits in his chamber prepared for an official firing from job, he is rewarded! All the insight he has shown in the meeting are the remotest secrets of the companies, and his boss (Rony Cox) is impressed!!!

So for the next few weeks, Evan rules! All he does is ask Olivia to ask the three princesses about the strategies needed to be taken. They rub the blankie in small circles around their foreheads, then bury their faces under and go to the magic land – which is their big lofty apartment where they imagine the rivers, caves, forests and sleeping ogres that they have to pass to reach the princesses. And to make the princesses happy, Evan has to sing songs and say nice things in honor of the princesses, and even after that they would not talk directly to him. They talked to their little friend Olivia, and answered all Evan’s questions. And amazing things happened! All the odd forecasts and presumption they made, turned out to be true. But by this time the Evan has become more dependent on the foreseeing of the princesses for his financial strategies. He would do anything to get the princesses talk – even dance out on the busy city streets to make them happy to speak. One thing about the princesses is that they are never wrong. And if there is a confusion between Mopitta and Flopitta regarding something,  Evan and Olivia have to travel farther to talk to Qualli, who resides in a tall tower, (in the middle of the city)!

Among all this magical happenings, Eva and Olivia are having a good time together – some quality family time, where they play, cook, chat and above all enjoy being with each other. And Evan teaches Olivia how to sing in her upcoming school recital.

But Evan’s secret did not last very long. He has a big rival at work – Johny Whitefeather (Thomas Haden Church), a very competitive man with an Indian origin, who sends spies after Evan to check how he has become so extraordinarily brilliant. And all he finds out is that Evan just spends time with his daughter and and play with her with their faces buried under her blanket. The spy does not understand the essence of all this, but his appointer does – for he is a smart man with high ambitions and always talked about Indian charms and magics. He knew it was a way to communicate with the spirits of the highest level who can see the future. He goes to a charmer and buys a blanket for several thousands dollars. The charmer tells him that the kids are usually very good at communication with the spirits with their simple guiltless souls. Johny comes home and wakes his sleeping son in the middle of night and fills him up with more and more caffine, builds a big fire in his lawn and communicates with the spirits. Johny’s subordinate at this point gets pretty tired of him and quits. His wife is annoyed too and thinks it won’t be long before their neighbors call the fire department.

Again, this blankie game takes another turn-point for Evan. Olivia goes to stay with her mom for some time and takes her blanket with her. With a huge project round the corner that can bring him a big opportunity of a lifetime, Evan gets crazy. He intrudes in Olivia’s friend’s birthday party and in a sleepover to steal the blanket, but does not succeed. He is thrown out of both places. He tries to convince his friend and his ex-wife that everything happening so great at his workplace is because of the blanket, but as expected they are shocked at his behavior. Olivia is extremely hurt. She is also sad because Evan may not be able to go to her recital for which she practiced so much with her dad.

Evan gets back home with her blanket, and tries to work with the blanket lain on his shoulders, and for the first time in weeks he actually concentrates. He does not even notice, when in the middle of his work the blanket slips off –  he is so engrossed in his research. The next day Evan goes to attend his meeting, but leaves before finishing his presentation. He rushes to attend Olivia’s recital, dressed up in funny costumes. Olivia was very very upset and sad, till her dad comes in. In a moment she blushes up. After the recital is over, a visitor comes to Olivia’s school to meet Evan. It is the owner of their company who comes to offer Evan a big post in his company, because he had the courage to take a powerful decision of leaving the office in the middle of a meeting when his daughter wanted him.

At this point, Olivia comes out of her infatuation for the blanket, and the princesses leave, but Evan with his daughter and ex-wife plans to spend some time together. The fairy tale continues.

A pretty story of love and bonding. The cast is good. The comedy is nice, except at a few places where Eddie Murphy’s comic gestures may seem a bit forced, since they were nothing indispensable in the movie. Director Karey Kirkpatrick has tried to cast him just not as Evan Danielson, but as ‘Eddie Murphy’ in those scenes.

‘Imagine That’ is a wonderful drama that has good story told beautifully. The cast is wonderful. Eddie Murphy is good as always, and Yara Shahidi is wonderful. She did an unbelievably good job. Thomas Haden is nice and funny and you would love Rony Cox. A film to watch with your family.

Movie Reviewed by: Shrabanti Basu, CT Reported, USA
Movie Watched at: Carmike Cinema, Bluefield, WV

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