Zarine Khan: I’ll never be able to wear a bikini

Mumbai, Jan 27 (Calcutta Tube) Flaunting one’s body in a bikini is no more taboo in Hindi films, but new entrant Zarine Khan, who debuted with ‘Veer’, says she would never be able to don a two-piece costume on screen.

In ‘Veer’, the Mumbai girl was covered from head to toe throughout the film. But is she ready to play a chic urban girl and wear contemporary costumes in her future movies?

‘I am more than willing to do so. What I am sure about though is that I would never be able to wear a bikini. That’s because I am constantly thinking that I am fat, I am fat, I am fat. Till the time this voice reverberates inside my head, I will always be apprehensive,’ Zarine told IANS.

‘I’m very conscious about my weight. In fact, during my school and college days, I used to weigh as much as 100 kilos. It’s only now that I weigh a lot lesser. I want to play all kinds of roles and get into the kind of attire that a Hindi film heroine is required to wear.

‘However, before that I will have to get rid of all the excess weight that I currently have on me. It’s just a few more pounds to go and after that it should all be well,’ said Zarine.

Zarine, who plays princess Yashodhara in ‘Veer’ that has Salman in the lead role, understands that if she wants to be in the business of showbiz, she will need a good figure.

‘Whatever role that I consent to play, it has to be done with dedication. However, I’m a new entrant and there are so many established actresses who are taking the size zero route. Obviously, I can’t beat them due to my body structure, but I wish to get into shape to the best of my ability,’ she said.

Narrating her journey of weighty issues, Zarine said: ‘It was only after I started doing modelling that my weight went down by 40-45 kilos from an original 100. I have a tendency to lose and put on weight. This is why while working on ‘Veer’, I was so happy. For a change no one was asking me to lose weight.’

In ‘Veer’ she was not required to look skinny; therefore she could even pile on chocolates.

‘Why just chocolates? I also got to eat other junk stuff which I had to earlier sacrifice. Any actress would have thought 1,000 times before eating the kind of things that I got on a platter on the sets of ‘Veer’. Having said that, I had to be reasonably conscious about not becoming 100 kilos again. I was regular with my workouts to maintain a curvaceous body.’

Zarine is now biding her time before she gets ready for her next venture.

‘I am taking things slow and waiting for what best comes to me next. Industry has been supportive so far though I’m looking forward to something concrete. I’m taking things slow; there is no hurry,’ she said.

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