‘If people feel music videos are provocative, why are 90% of them made that way?’ – Kainaaz Parvees


Canadian beauty, Kainaaz  Parvees who first dabbled in TV(Babul Ki Duaye Leti Jaa, Dial 100 and CID) and cinema(Khamosh, Ghutan and Escape >From Taliban)  but failed in both, is now trying to reinvent her career by featuring in a T-Series music video, besides which she is also producing and acting in a movie and a TV show. We caught up with this good looking actress for frank tete – a – tete on her new attempt at success.
Q-You are featuring in Bonnie 7 as an Arabian dancer? How was the experience?
A- (Laughs) It’s not just Arabic dance, I have done some Indian dancing as well. It was a great experience. Further, since it was shot in the desert of Dubai, it was an inspiration all together.
Q-Why is it that your bollywood acting career never took off?
A-I wouldn’t put it that way. I have done some good films (Dil Ne  Jisse Apna Kaha with Salman Khan  and Ram Gopal Verma’s Mr. Ya Miss with Aftab Shivdasani, ), they did not do well is a different story.  Have not many of today’s well known stars also struggled in their earlier days?  So I guess my time is yet to come.

Q-Do you think this album will re-launch you?
A-I don’t think this album will re-launch me, but yes, it will give me a huge platform. I am thankful to T-Series or promoting it so well.

Q-You have featured in other albums as well. Can you take us thro’ them?
A-The first was Harry’s Bonfire Party , which had the song Mehbooba from the film Sholay. Then came, Come To The Dance floor on Jumme Raat which had the song, Yeh Din Toh Aata Hain Ek Din Jawani Mein from the film Mahaan.. These were all remixes and even Bonnie 7 is a remix and the song is Inhe Toh Lut Liya Milke Husn Vaalo Ne.

Q-How much importance do you give to music video’s in the launch of albums?
A-I think the backbone of all music albums are their music videos, because it’s the visuals that bring life to the audio track.
Q-Don’t you think most music videos are pretty provocative?
A-Well, I think we should not be hypocrites and accept the fact that this is exactly what today’s audience want to watch.  If your video is not provocative, then why have one? I am sure lot’s of people would agree with me, or else why would 90 percent of music videos, be shot that way.

 Q-Will this album not hamper your growth as an actress, for nobody takes item girls seriously?
A- I really don’t think so, since top notch actresses of today are also doing the so-called item numbers.  ‘Item girl’ is not a right word to use for anyone. We are all performers and I think people need to respect that.

Q-You are producing an untitled film with Anant Mahadevaan, who also directed Bonni 7 . Tell us something on this.
A-Yes, we are doing a comedy. It’s my script and with Anant’s help, this film will surely do wonders. I have cast Jimmy Shergill opposite me. I could never think of any other options besides him.

Q-You began with TV, but migrated to cinema and now returning to produce and act in a TV show as well, isn’t it? 
A-Yes, I started with TV and moved on to cinema.  Entertainment   is my passion, so I don’t really get weary of this and try to make the most of it. Talking of the soap opera, I am producing a 26 episode soap, which will have renowned Indian and Pakistani actors. It’s going to be on a big scale. I do not want to give any more details, since we are only in the pre-production stage.

Anil Merani.-(SAMPURN)

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