Ice Age 3:Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009)

Ice Age 3, is the third adventure of the buddies that we saw in Ice Age and Ice Age 2- The Melt Down. This time, it is their exploration in the dinosaur world. Though the 3-D version of the film is much popular, some theatres also offer the 2-D version shows.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009): DVD release-Review-Blu Ray
Ice Age 3, is the third adventure of the buddies that we saw in Ice Age and Ice Age 2The Melt Down. This time, it is their exploration in the dinosaur world. Though the 3-D version of the film is much popular, some theatres also offer the 2-D version shows. Sign up for the DVD and Blu Ray release of Ice Age 3. Watch the trailer of Ice Age 3 online from Youtube.

Ice Age 3- Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009) DVD Release
Ice Age 3- Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009) DVD Release

Dawn Of the Dinosaurs – A trip to the ice age – 3 in the summer!

Storyline of Ice Age 3

The story starts on a icy day with no one else other than Scratt (Chris Wedge), the saber-toothed little squirrel obssessed with a big acorn. He is attracted towards Scratte (Karen Disher), a pretty squirrel with blue eyes, and tries to get her attention. Everytime he sees her, his heart fills with music. And when she falls off from the high cliff, Scratt jumps down with his precious acorn to save her life. And in the midway, she outsmarts him and flies up with the acorn. Scratt tries to stretch his furry skin in order to glide down slowly, but crashes down on the rock hard ice.

And with that directors Carlos Saldanha welcomes to Ice Age 3! The story begins.

The mammoth couple Ellie (Queen Latifah) and Manny (Ray Romano) are going to be parents. And the would-be daddy, Manny is over-excited about the coming baby elephant and extra-precautious about the expecting mom. He builds a nice little playground – all white with snow and tiny icicles hanging from the ancient species of pine and fir trees- for their baby. Manny, becoming over-sensitive about his baby, does not want anyone else to enter the playground. Ellie understands Manny’s feelings, but at the same tells him to stay calm.

The saber-toothed tiger Diego (Denis Leary), is going through a bad time. He cannot chase his preys as fast as did before. He thinks he is not enough able as a tiger any more and wants to go away. Ellie urges Manny to talk to Diego, a friendly man-to man-talk that would make him feel better, but it does not. Diego leaves anyway.

The naive little sloth, Sidney, alias Sid (John Leguizamo), feels left out with Ellie having babies and Manny’s continual attention projected towards his family. Sid is even forbidden in Manny’s playground. He misses having his own babies. Hence when he gets a chance to have some kids of his own, he takes advantage of the situation. Sid finds three huge eggs hidden in an underground cavern, and seeing no animals around them, brings them along. He sledges along the snowy path juggling with the three huge eggs, to keep them from any damage. At length when he manages to get hold of two, Ellie saves the third one with her trunk.  The mammoth couple tells Sid that when the mother finds out her eggs to be stolen, she would be sick with thoughts. But Sid is too carried away with the eggs and keeps them.

The next morning while Sid is still in his slumber, the three eggs hatch. And there stand three cute little baby tyrannosauruses, covered with orange-colored scales, who imitate Sid. Sis is happier than ever before with the three little babies, but his kids are not too well-mannered. He tries to make them behave, but cannot get rid of their dinosaur nature.

When Sid’s babies want to enter Manny’s playground, Sid hesitates for a moment. Then he recalls Manny saying that the playground is meant for the kids, so he lets them go in. And when the other animals see the playground open, they join in too, with their infants. And it does not take long before the garden is torn to pieces. Manny is shocked to see his loving garden destroyed. And the other parents are horrified when Sid’s adopted babies swallow their kids. But Sid thinks his kids are pretty well-mannered, since they have thrown the smaller animals out back again once he asked them to, and the important thing is that no one is much hurt or badly injured!

But things take a rough turn when the mommy Tyrannosaurus comes looking for her babies, and Sid gets into trouble. The mammoths advise Sid to give the babies back to their mother, but Sid needs more proof of her being their mother! The angry mother picks Sid up along with her infant and leaves.

On the way, Diego sees Sid being carried by a huge giant dinosaur, and comes forward to help him. So does the mammoth couple. They unite one again to save Sid. Crash and Eddie (Sean William Scott & Josh Peck), the opossums Ellie once adopted as her brothers (Ice Age 2) join them. On their way, they meet Buck, a funny weasel, who has a revenge against Rudy for his eye. Rudy is the largest dinosaur living out there. Buck has been in the dinosaur world for some time, and knows every little thing about the place that may come handy for the others. The rest of the animals thought that the dinosaur species have been extinct from the earth, long long ago. Rudy leads the team to find and save Sid but they have to follow Buck’s rules, the first and foremost of which is – always listen to Buck.

In the meantime, the mother tyrannosaurus and Sid are having big conflicts about raising the babies. No matter how hard Sid tries he cannot make them act like him. He wants them to be on vegetarian diet, and the mommy keeps feeding them raw meat. The babies being much inclined to their mother’s tastes, Sid cannot help much. The mommy does not talk much – to all of Sid’s questions, she just grunts. She probably understands that Sid means no harm to her family, and starts taking him easily.

In the middle of everything, Scratt is still having his acorn obsessions and romance with Scratte. He does not know which one is more important to him, and tries to keep up with both.

The others under Buck’s leadership is now advancing through the dino-kingdom. They are attacked by some guanlongs and Ellie is separated from Manny and Diego, just when she goes into labor. With the frightfully lingering creatures trying attack Ellie, Diego comes to her rescue and Manny fights the herd. Buck has to advance with Crash and Eddie to look for Sid. Ellie gives birth to a little girl, that they name Peaches, the code word Ellie shared with Manny to let him know that the baby was on the way. And she was a perfect little mammoth, round and plump and sweet, that goes with her name.

Sid has been now taken by the mommy dino as a friend. Rudy attacks them and Sid lands on some rock slabs floating over the lava river. And when he is about to face an dreadful end, Buck with his group saves him just in time. They get back to the others and when they are about to leave the forest, Rudy attacks them. Buck fights bravely, joined in by the mommy-dino who throws Rudy off the cliff. She bids good-bye to everybody, and especially to Sid licking him all over. Buck decides to go back to the forest with the others, since his mission has been accomplished. But as they are about ot come out of the cavern, Rudy’s distant roar makes Buck go back.

The others come out to the world above, and welcome Peaches to the ice-age. They start a new life together, and Sid looks forward to baby-sit Peaches. Diego drops off his idea to leave the herd, and stays with them. His adventure in the underground dino world has probably made him feel better about himself again, especially after being so apt at talking care of Ellie and defeating some of the enemies.

Sratt has moved into a cosy home with Scratte, and has been trying hard to make her happy. She is a picky little thing. Soon Scratt outgrows her, and comes back to his usual self with the acorn. But coincidentally it again falls back in Scratte’s hands!


It is a film that is overall good to watch, but nothing indispensable. The film is not particularly brilliant for the adults after its previous 2 installments. The kids will however have fun with it. The older audience needed some more variations in the third release of the Ice Age film. The characters of Scratt deserves some versatility now. The first installment was exceptionally acclaimed by the audience, but the following parts have lost its surprise in their subject among the adults.

There are a few aspects about The Dawn of the Dinosaurs that are certainly enjoyable.

The underground world of the dinosaurs is the heart of this film. And no wonder it has been done with more subtlety than any anything else. The ice age scenes are great in this third part of the ice age, as with all other ice age movies, but the land of the dinosaurs is especially enjoyable. The baby dinos are extremely cute, and lovable. Their voracious appetite and demonic ways does not make them look any monster, so great are their creations. The guanlongs are also created wonderfully. These strange creatures with colorful bodies leave an uncomfortable feeling with each apprearance.

The animation of Rudy, the giantly of all among its species, is comparatively a weaker creation.

The scenes of the Manny beings attacked by some unknown carnivorous plants is brilliant. They are wildly wonderful and deadly attractive.

The scenes at Manny’s playground are so another great feature of the film.

The music that starts playing in Scratt’s heart each time he sees Scratte, is wonderful. But Scratt deserves some variations now.
Latifah Queen has done an excellent job lending her voice as Ellie.

Ice Age 2- Critic’s Review by Shrabanti Basu, CT Reporter, USA

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