"I walked out for my family…" – Bakhtiyaar Irani


The angry young man of ‘Bigg Boss 3’, Bakhtiyaar Irani had left the audience and his fans shocked by walking out of the Bigg Boss house. What was more shocking is that it was the last week of the show and the winner was about to be announced.

As everyone is shocked Telly Cafe asks Bakhtiyaar the one question that is on everybody’s mind – why did he quit the game for a mere 10 lakh rupees? Now that he is out of the Bigg Boss house, he has lots of time to chit chat. Here he talks freely about the Bigg Boss game and what made him quit the game mid-way.

Why did you quit the game for just 10 lakhs rupees?

Well, it was last Friday when Amitabh Bachchan called me for an interview outside the Bigg Boss House and asked me about quitting the game and explained to me that I would be taking home 10 lakh rupees if I leave the game or I also had the option of continuing with the game. He put this proposal in front of me and asked for an answer.

Amitabh also showed me some clippings from the game where I am fighting with my sweet wife Tanaaz and scolding her very badly. Immediately after the clipping I started hating myself as it was so bad to see myself behaving in such a manner. I thought for a while and said to myself that if I have made up my mind for not sparing any of the contestants who have made my wife cry then why should I be spared? I didn’t want to be the winner because even I have done the same thing with my lovely wife and that moment itself I made my mind to quit the game and take the amount.

Are you happy with the decision?

Yes, of course I am happy with the decision but I know my wife and those people who have showered me with love have been disappointed with my decision so I would really want to say sorry to them for what I have done. But yes, I am happy with my decision. I have enjoyed every single moment after coming back to my house and want to spend all my time with my family.

I was so happy coming back and after a long period I could use my own toilet, my bedroom, my kitchen and I felt very clean. I have watched 8 movies continuously and I feel very fortunate that I was in the Bigg Boss house when these movies were released (laughs). I have spent my whole time with my son and daughter playing till late night but still it is not enough.

What changes are you feeling in your self after coming back from BB3?

I am feeling a drastic change in myself as I have transformed myself from an angry Bakhtiyaar to a very cool and calm person. I would like to elaborate on an incident after coming back from the house. While driving my car, an auto driver was going zig-zag and was literally obstructing my way but I kept cool and continued driving. After moving for a distance his rickshaw had an accident and went set up side down with the rickshaw driver lying under the soft roof. I voluntarily went to help that guy who was moments before playing tricks with me. I have stopped grumbling on silly things and that is the most remarkable change from me.

What was Tanaaz’s reaction after seeing you back from BB3?

Well, it was the most memorable thing I have experienced. It was quarter to two at night and Tanaaz had come to meet me when Amitabh was having an interview with me and it was a big surprise for me. She was a bit nervous with my decision but I kept an option in front of her saying, "Do you want 10 lakhs and a good husband or 1 crore and a bedroom sorry" and she chose the option of 10 lakhs.

But I am sure if Tanaaz would be on my place then definitely she would not have come back and would have won the game because Tanaaz has given a lot to the show which Aditi and Shamita had not given, even if they were in the game for quite a long time after Tanaaz was evicted.

Whom would you vote from the present contestants?

No one, I would not even bother to vote anyone. Vindoo is a big ‘Psycho’ and needs psychiatric treatment, but he has added lots of spice to the game. He is the one who has always given something new and has always kept the enthusiasm level high in the house. Pravesh has violated the rule as soon as he came in the house and informed Shamita about her sister’s wedding. He is planning each and every step of the game.

What about plans post Bigg Boss 3?

No plans as of now as I am waiting for my wife’s performance on the finale of BB3 and will then move on to fulfill my pending projects but that will happen only next year.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar / Sampurn Media

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