I like wearing shorts and ganjee – Rosa Catalano


Q. What is fashion according to you?
A. I will define fashion as being yourself. It is not about following a trend or something. Wear good comfortable clothes and think positive, that is what fashion means to me.

Q. Where do you mostly shop from?
A. I mostly shop my clothes from Italy. I am not much into buying Indian stuffs. That does not mean that I don’t like Indian stuffs (laughs) but I generally prefer to pick my clothes from Italy only.

Q. Any brands you prefer?
A. I am not that brand conscious but I make it a point to pick good cloths from good shops. I can’t buy cheap clothes even if they are comfortable.

Q. While at home, you mostly wear?
A. I like wearing shorts and ganjee when I am at home. During monsoons and winters, I slip into my tracks and ganjee with a jacket on it.

Q. Your gym wear is like?
A. I am a big fan of Adidas, so most of my gym wear is from the same. I can’t think of anything beyond Adidas.

Q. Do you go for the formal look at times?
A. Ohh, I love formals. I do slip into formals once or twice a week. I think I really look hot in formals.

Q. Do you adorn yourself with accessories?
A. Yes, I do. I wear some or the other accessories in my daily life.

Q. Which is the latest perfume that you bought?
A. My latest addiction is a perfume called Princess.

Q. Which colours do you think are a must in a wardrobe?
A. I love wearing black. I am just addicted to black color. Most of my wardrobe is filled with black clothes only.

Q. What do you have to say about short and skimpy clothes?
A. I think people who can carry it off well should only wear it. I personally think that I look hot in skimpy and short dresses. It’s all because I know I carry it off well.

Q. Any fashion tips for our readers?
A. I will only say wear whatever you are comfortable in and nothing else. One has to be comfortable in whatever he or she is wearing.

-Shruti Didwaniya /Sampurn Media

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