I like to go for bright colors – Tanisha Mukherjee


By Jiya Pandit

Q. How would you define fashion?

A. Fashion is a very personal concept. For me fashion is what looks good on you and in which you feel confident.

Q. Where do you normally shop your clothes from?

A. For a formal wear, I look to my designer Anna Singh and I think some very good Indian designers are also coming up with good collections. Even I like the clothes of Malini Ramani, one of my favorite designers, whose designs are quite simple and good.

Q. Which brands do you prefer to buy?

A. I am not very brand conscious. Anything that looks good on me, I wear it.

Q. Do you often visit fashion shows?

A. I don’t particularly attend many fashion shows. But if there is a designer, I am very interested in then I will make it a point to go. Like last time I went to Arjun Khanna’s fashion show which was very nice. He is very good with men’s wear.

Q. Who is your favorite fashion designer?

A. I really like Windle Rodriguez for his good attitude, Anna Singh and some of the new younger fashion designers like Anamika Khanna.

Q. Which is the costliest outfit you have bought till date?

A. My costliest outfit is one of my saree which is full of ghera and made of Parsi work.

Q. Which is your favorite party wear?

A. There is nothing particular for party. It basically depends on my mood.

Q. What do you generally dress up while relaxing at your home?

A. When I feel very low or sad, I like to dress up more because it makes me feel good. I also like to wear jewelries at that moment of time.

Q. Any particular colors you opt for while buying your clothes?

A. I like to go for bright colors like bright red or bright pink.

Q. Any fashion tip you would like to give to our readers?

A. I would like to say one thing that whatever you wear, feel confident in it as confidence is the best asset.   – Sampurn Media

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