I auditioned nine times for Aamir Khan’s ‘Delhi Belly’: Vir Das

Mumbai, May 23 (Calcutta Tube) Stand-up comedian Vir Das, who is basking in the favourable reviews of his ‘Badmaash Company‘, is now looking forward to ‘Delhi Belly‘. And he says producer Aamir Khan didn’t make things easy for him as he had to undergo repeated auditions before being selected.

‘I auditioned nine times in one year. Then every week I’d read (in newspapers) some bigger Bollywood actor had bagged my role. So, by the time I got in the room with Aamir, I was on cloud nine. He’s nothing less than a genius,’ Vir told IANS.

He says there was no interference from Aamir on the sets. ‘Aamir was heavily into ‘Delhi Belly’ during auditions and the workshops. After that he kind of set us loose.’

Vir is confident he’d make an impact with ‘Delhi Belly’ too. And he has struck a good friendship with Imran Khan, who also features in the movie.

‘I can’t talk about my role. But I play a character diametrically opposite to the one in ‘Badmaash Company’. Imran and I became good friends during ‘Delhi Belly’. We’re both comedy fans… and had an insane amount of fun doing this film. We all knew we’d never have an experience like this again.’

He might have got a good start in Hindi films, but he says his fans are upset that he joined Bollywood, which he had been savagely mocking on stage for years.

‘Those who have been watching me do stand-up comedy for years think I’ve sold out to Bollywood because I’m now working in the very system that I’ve been religiously mocking and demolishing on stage. But the fact of the matter is I was, I am and I will continue to be a stand-up comedian and I will continue to make jokes on the Indian movie industry,’ Vir said.

One of his fans was so upset that she threatened to come after him with a knife. And this is just one of the innumerable hate messages and calls Vir has received ever since he made an impact with his role in con film ‘Badmaash Company’, which also stars Shahid Kapoor and Anushka Sharma.

Vir admits that Bollywood biggies have a sense of humour about themselves. His favourite brunt of jokes used to be former US president George Bush but now he’s gone on to golfer Tiger woods as well.

‘(Barack) Obama doesn’t render himself to the same humour as Bush. So my new best friend is Tiger Woods. And of course IPL (Indian Premier League) jokes,’ says Vir, who is apparently steering away from taking potshots at Bollywood now.

‘I started as a stand-up comedian and that’s what I remain at heart. I haven’t forgotten my beginnings in Chicago in 2004 as a dog-walker and a doorman at a hotel. So when we were back in the US to shoot for ‘Badmaash Company’, I’d shoot the whole day and then head for the local clubs to do my stand-up acts for two hours almost every evening,’ he said.

Vir is amazed by the impact he has made in ‘Badmaash Company’. ‘When I signed the film I knew it was a Shahid Kapoor film. I had seen how central he had been to his earlier films and expected this one to be no different. But I was pleasantly surprised when my role turned out to be so substantial.’

Travelling extensively to cities all over for his stand-up comedy acts, Vir says he has had no time to get into a steady relationship.

‘Of course I’ve had relationships and girlfriends. But I’m dying for the day when I can say about someone that ‘we’re just good friends’,’ Vir said.

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