Huawei launches economic android phones in India

New Delhi, July 29 (IANS) Telecom network solutions company Huawei Technologies Thursday launched four new handsets, including two android devices, U8300 and U8500, in the Indian market.

Priced between Rs.7,000 and Rs.10,000, the phones will be available to consumers from August 1, 2010.

The new set of handsets — Android and Hangout — use advanced chipset solutions from Qualcomm, the innovator of 3G technology.

Aimed at the youth market, U8300 is a QWERTY Android phone, equipped with social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter along with a 3.2 mega pixel camera.

U8500 is an all touchscreen phone equipped with Wi-Fi and high-speed downlink packet access, an enhanced third generation protocol for mobile telephone data transmission.

The Hangout series includes a full range of stylish and feature-rich devices on GSM, CDMA and UMTS technologies and targets mid and higher segment of consumers. Aimed at young professionals, U9130 and C5600 models would cost between Rs.3,000 and Rs.5,000.

‘With the Indian telecom industry growing at the rate of 20 million subscribers each month, and poised to reach 1 billion by 2015, Huawei sees traction in the Indian telecom device segment,’ said Victor Xu, chief marketing officer, Huawei Device.

The company also disclosed the launch of its Rs.8,000 smartphone during Diwali.

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