Hrithik Roshan’s wife Sussanne proud of her husband-Twitter

Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan’s wife Sussanne is proud of the fact that her husband is a focussed man.

‘My H (Hrithik) performing here after two years and all the tormenting knee injuries. But he just never fails to surprise me. Keeps his heart so focussed…’ Sussanne posted on her Twitter page.

Sussanne also added a few words of wisdom. ‘Nothing matters more in life than passion for what you are best at…that is god’s gift to us! But our choice how much we choose to stretch the extra mile.’

1 thought on “Hrithik Roshan’s wife Sussanne proud of her husband-Twitter

  1. suzanne is so dumb to write such comments,maybe hritik has given her such golden beautiful lines n now she is trying to show her smartness pathetic lady she is however hritik’s so good n spiritual which i’ve always noticed.great for him n god bless him

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