Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra on Hindi movie ‘Agneepath’ (Interview)

Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka ChopraJan 9, 2012 (Calcutta Tube): Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan will be seen playing the Gen Y Vijay Dinanath Chauhan while Priyanka Chopra plays a prostitute in Karan Johar’s Agneepath.The actors talk about the film, their roles. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

With this new Agneepath the most obvious question that rises is whether it is a risk worth taking?

Hrithik: Films are about entertainment. And I think, there is nothing more entertaining than platforming an impossibility; it’s more entertaining to see how the kid turns Goliath in the film…is it possible?…it’s not…now go watch the film. It ends there.

Priyanka: When we do a remake of a film for a second time, we keep in mind our generation…may be they have not seen or experienced these cult classic films. As for our Agneepath,  it is inspired from the original (1990 one) and a tribute so that our generation can also experience these beautiful films. And that Karan (Malhotra, director) bahut khoobsurti se aur apne tareeke se kiya hai.

But there are bound to be comparisons between Amitabh Bachchan’s and Hrithik-Priyanka’s Agneepath

 Priyanka: There is no scope for comparisons at all. We are not trying to touch the heights of the original film…so there is no question on whether we have been able to make it like the original version.

Priyanka, you will be playing a Maharashtrian girl for a second time (after Kaminey). Do we see a similar Marathi mulgi in Agneepath too?

Priyanka: Yes, you are right. I am playing a Maharashtrian girl for a second time. When Karan (Malhotra) and I were discussing my character Kaali Gawde for Agneepath, we were very clear that we have to keep it a bit different from Sweety in Kaminey since the two girls have different personalities. Karan was very sure about Kaali’s character and so it was very easy for me. Thodi chirkiyan hai ek Maharashtrian ladki ki but the best thing about Kaali is that she is Vijay’s (Hrithik’s) strength. She is his soul with her happiness and naughtiness in the film. That’s what I loved about her. But to prepare for the role, all I had to do was to stand on Karan’s feet.

Hrithik, Sanjay Dutt shaved his head to play Kancha Cheena in the film. What did you do?

Hrithik: Sanju Sir shaved his head, I grew my beard and went to the sets and everything went right. (Laughs)

How was the experience of working with Sanjay Dutt?

Hrithik: Have you seen his size? So whoever stands with him…be it me or you…it is not possible not to get overshadowed.

Your and Priyanka’s kissing scene in the film is being much-talked about these days. Like to comment?

Hrithik: Aree yaar, there is no kissing scene in the film. We (Priyanka and me) were very, very close at a particular scene, but you can’t kiss from a distance. Actually part of that scene was put in the promo and people started speculating we have a kissing scene. But then, kiss or no kiss, it’s our profession…I don’t find there is any need to hype on this particular issue.

You suffered a lot of back pain recently that delayed shooting of Krrish 2 as well…

Hrithik: You know, it happens to all of us at some point of our lives, when this body that we are using needs to be respected and taken care of. I had abused my body so much that it retaliated. But now I am back on track.

– Sreya Basu

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