How to Train Your Dragon Animation Film Review

How to Train Your Dragon (2010) is homorous, witty and fantastic. The story of ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ takes place in the mythical world of Berk, where dragons are as abundant as flies. Anyone else would have left the land and would find a new place to live, but Vikings have ego issues.

How to Train Your Dragon DVD release
How to Train Your Dragon DVD release

April 8 (Calcutta Tube): How to Train Your Dragon (2010) is homorous, witty and fantastic. The story of ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ takes place in the mythical world of Berk, where dragons are as abundant as flies. Anyone else would have left the land and would find a new place to live, but Vikings have ego issues. This brave tribe fights the deadliest dragons and train the next generations including girls to fight their enemies.

The story revolves round a young boy named Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) who has never been able to kill or even fight a single dragon so far. He is the son of the tribe chief Stoick The Vast (Gerard Butler), a brave strong man. Each time Hiccup tries to help fight dragons, he ends up in a bigger mess. So he has been given a simpler job to do and works as an apprentice to the blacksmith Gobber The Belch (Craig Ferguson).

The film starts on a night in Berk when the Vikings are out to kill the dragons and Hiccup is once again in a mess. But things go different when he manages to shoot down the deadliest dragon – the Night Fury, a dragon that no one else has previously seen. When no one believes him, Hiccup goes to the woods to look for the dragon. He finds the dragon lying injured and the two see other in a state of confusion. The boy looks into the dragon’s eyes sees himself. Instead of killing the dragon Hiccup releases him. Hiccup names the dragon Toothless and fixes an artificial tail for him. They become friends and Hiccup starts to observe the Night Fury and trains him at last. He can now ride Toothless across the blue seas up in the clouds. Toothless is sweet and very smart and loves Hiccup to the fullest.

Hiccup to his amazement discovers that dragons are very harmless and lovable. All they have known about the dragons are so very wrong. Hiccupp makes notes of  all his findings about the Night Fury that has never been written before in any books in the land of Berk.

In the meantime Hiccup, who was enrolled in the dragon fighting class by his father some time back, has started doing extremely well. Astrid (America Ferrera), the toughest girl who used the best dragon fighters in the class, starts to envy Hiccup and at last finds out about the Night Fury. She is terrified at first, but then befriends Toothless and falls in love with Hiccup. When both of them ride Toothless, they find out that all smaller dragons are controlled by a giant queen dragon. She will eat them all if they do not provide it with food. That is why they have been taking all the food away from the village.

When Hiccupp is sent to kill a dragon on the final day of his dragon fighting class with the whole village watching, he drops his arms and the truth is disclosed. Everyone gets mad, including his father who feels ashamed about his son’s act. A commotion starts in the ring. Toothless gets captured and his dad sets off with the Night Fury leading him and his people to the dragon island to kill the queen dragon, ignoring Hiccup’s warnings. When they are in the middle of the fight, Hiccupp joins them along with his friends and the other dragons. After a tough battle Hiccup with the help of Night Fury kill the monster dragon. The two friends stick to each other and in the ending battle Toothless saves Hiccup’s life. The boy loses a foot, but wins love of the whole village. When the blacksmith fixes him an artificial foot, he and his favorite Toothless somewhere becomes even more equal. The people of Berk start a new life of love and friendship with the dragons.

A wonderful movie with every aspect perfectly placed and planned. The mythical setting of the story, the art direction and the technical sides blend into a perfect film. The scenes of the seas, ship sail are especially wonderful and are capable of setting the audience into a voyage. The 3-D effects are so very enjoyable all through the movie.

Though the film has a story that is to be widely appreciated by the kids, it is a film that is for anyone to enjoy. It has an universal appeal and would be liked and loved both by the mass and the class.

The fantasy elements of the story does not restrict the characters of the movie from being our next door people. Nature, wilderness, dragons and human are all part of a bigger whole in the film. The creations of dragons are so artistic, versatile and colorful.
The music of the  film has contributed so much to the theme.

A brief look at the characters and the dragons:

Hiccup: The first Viking in 300 years who would not kill a dragon. He got brains, but no one realizes it in the land of Berk.

Astrid: The toughest girl and the best dragon fighter in the dragon fighting class. The first person in Berk to realize that Hiccup is the first Viking who has done the right thing not killing a dragon. She slaps Hiccup for scaring her or kidnapping her and then kisses him for everything else.

Stoick The Vast: The tribe chief who is respected for his bravery. He is a man of great power but does not realize much about Hiccup’s brains.

Gobber The Belch: The blacksmith of Berk who also gives training for dragon fighting. His left hand and right foot are missing. A kind friend to Hiccup’s father who tells him not to lose heart in his son. In the tough fight with the monstrous queen dragon, he would not leave his dear friend Stoick The Vast, no matter what. When Hiccup loses his left foot, he is kind enough to fix him an artificial one.

Night Fury: Thought to be the most dangerous of all dragons. The dragon has a blackish blue skin, greenish yellow dreamy eyes, huge bat-like wings. Extremely smart, understands humans’ incentives, would shares things with his human friend and likes to mimic Hiccup. Loves to eat fish, all many other dragons.

Terrible Terror: The smallest dragon.

Hideous Zippleback: An unusual dragon with two heads.

Gronckle: Small in size, does not have impressive looks. Can fly both in all directions including back way and sideways.

Deadly Nadder: Has a colorful look and a bad temper. Not as harmful as it appears to be.

Monstrous Nightmare: Dangerous in the sense that it uses kerosene gel fire on victims.

Review by Calcutta Tube Journalist: Shrabanti Basu

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