Horror Nights are back on TV


Sony Entertainment Television is bringing an all new series of the iconic show Aahat, now Aahat–All New Series. In its earlier avatar –the show set new benchmarks for the genre. The current offering Aahat –All New Series will showcase horror like never seen before on Indian television.

The human mind, no matter how logical or reasonable has either a fear or fascination for the unknown. In every normal life situation, something paranormal is lurking somewhere. Launching on Friday, the 13th November at 11.00 pm and every Fridays at 11.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television, the show aims to capture the inherent connection between the natural and the supernatural.

Sony Entertainment Television has through its past offering, built a good equity in this genre and Aahat is a very high recall brand. With Aahat –All New Series this new horror show returns to Indian television with a brand new face, but with the familiar name. This show will move away from the stereo-typical presentation of this genre; the stories will be set in real life space, with real characters, full of surprises, intrigue and contemporary story-telling. Aahat– All New Series will offer a high quality offering to Indian television audience. Each week there will be a fresh story, giving an all new reason every week to engage with the show.

The new series comes from Fireworks Productions and producer B P Singh, the makers of CID; the longest running thriller series on Indian television and the earlier Aahat; they have become synonymous with crime and thriller genre on Indian television. The channel and the team are trendsetters and have mastered the horror genre on television. With Aahat—All New Series the viewers will witness a riveting journey of the paranormal as it oscillates between the natural and the unnatural – keeping the viewers on the edge!

The cast include Chaitanya Choudhry, Vishal Satish Gandhi and Krystle Dsouza who represent the team of 3 young documenters in the show working for a mysterious institute of paranormal science.

-Sampurn Media

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