Holi-Festival Of colours with TV stars

TV actors Ratan Rajput, Shaleen Bhanot, Disha Wakhani, Abhishek Rawat, Romit Raj talk about Holi, the festival of colors.

Mumbai, March 1, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): TV actors Ratan Rajput, Shaleen Bhanot, Disha Wakhani, Abhishek Rawat, Romit Raj talk about Holi, the festival of colors.

Yellow, Brown, Red, Green, Pink, Blue, black and many more, you must be wondering that why so many of colors but to tell you the festival of colors is at its verge to knock at our doors and to mess up us with colors but you cannot grumble on them because ‘Bura Na Mano-Holi hai’. The atmosphere is all the most watery, the sand is wet and the sky is clear up high. Yes! It’s Holi- the festival of colors and to exchange joy with our loved once. But what if this joy is enhanced by adding some dirty things along with colors and water? Our television stars are amoung those who have celebrated Holi with in a dirty way and they liked to share with Tellycafe.com.

Have a look what our Television stars have to say:

Shaleen Bhanot: 6 years back when I was at my home town, we had such dirty Holi played only with eggs and eggs. There were eggs all around it was really very dirty to tolerate but fun its fun after all. And to tell you that the dirtiest Holi ever played had turned out healthy Holi for us as egg is one of the nutritious substances for our hairs and even though it had smelled like hell it was really very useful for hairs (laughs). In this way my dirty Holi turned healthy.

Ratan Rajput: I never leave a single chance to color any one on Holi and my dirtiest played Holi was last year when our team was working in Vahi and I along with our setting dada I had arranged for four bags of gunny of Gulal secretly to play Holi. But soon after we started playing Holi, the bags were emptied immediately and then as I wanted to play holi for whole day I started throwing all the things which ever came to my hand like Lassi, Sharbat (Drink), mud, and whatever that contents color was used by me to play a bountiful Holi.

Romit Raj: About few years ago Big 92.7 FM has organized a holi celebration and I had attended it. There were big water tanks and sprinklers filled with colorful water and all the necessary things needed to play holi. There were many of us dabbing on each other without any mercy. There were few kids who just kept splashing water on me all the time and its fun but when water went into my ears on the all time its irritating. I could not be rude to them after all ‘Bura na mano Holi hai”

Disha Wakhani: Once when I use to stay in Ahemdabad long time ago we played so much with colors on the day of Holi that in some time we ran out of them. but we still wanted to play so what we did was we made a puddle of mud and made people sit in it and then other use to pour more mud and water on their heads.

Abhishek Rawat: Till the time we were in college we use to play a very dirty holi. We played Holi with whatever we could lay our hands on be it mud, grease, water and of course colors.

Well, hearing to this one thing is for sure that how bad may be the impurities to play Holi the joy and happiness that we get is totally pure and thus it is rightly called Bura Na Mano-Holi Hai! Wish you a colorful and safe Holi!

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