Hindi Film LIFE EXPRESS by Bengali Filmmaker Anoop Das starring Rituparna Sengupta

Life Express Hindi Movie Premiere in Kolkata 5
Life Express Hindi Movie Premiere in Kolkata 5

Kolkata, Sept 21 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS): ‘Life Express’, a Hindi movie by a Bengali filmmaker Anoop Das starring Rituparna Sengupta, revolves around surrogate motherhood. LIFE EXPRESS premiered in Kolkata on Saturday and the film has been greeted with lukewarm response from the audience.

The mediocre acting and poor make-up seemed to dilute the importance of the contemporary subject that the film sets out to address, Disari Ray, who went for the first-day-first-show of the film, said.

The soulful music, composed by Roopkumar Rathod and Shakeel Azmi, is however a silver-lining. It infused some melody in the otherwise flawed film, she added.

Speaking about the film lead actor Rituparna Sengupta however defended the director.

“Director Anoop Das has very aptly pictured the concept of surrogate mother, which has become a necessity for many couple in today’s times,“ she said.

To a poser on what persuaded her to take up the film she said “it is because of the story, which is very much relevant in today’s times, that she took up the project. Also, the story has touched my heart and I am sure that it will touch the hearts of the audience too.”

When asked whether playing a surrogate mother is good for her career, she said, “Everyone has a different way of thinking, how can I say as to who is right or wrong.”

And how was her experience working with Divya Dutta in the movie, she said, “We all know that Divya is a very talented artist, her acting itself adds grace to the acting of those working with her.”

The story revolves around Rituparna’s high ambitions to achieve power, position and wealth. In her mad obsession for career, she drops her child.

This takes her away from her husband. So, to bridge the gap, the couple decides to go for surrogate motherhood.

The movie, by debutant director Anup Das, stars Rituparna Sengupta, Divya Dutta, Yashpal Sharma, Alok Nath and Kiran Jajn.

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