Himachal to invite bids for 18 hydropower projects

Shimla, July 19 (IANS) The Himachal Pradesh government Monday decided to invite bids for more hydropower projects in the state to tap additional sources of electricity, an official said here.

‘The cabinet has decided to advertise 18 hydro electric projects located across the state and have a combined generation capacity of 1,357.5 MW,’ a spokesperson for the government told IANS.

The prominent projects are Dugar (236 MW), Purthi (300 MW), Tingret (81 MW), Lara Sumta (104 MW), Rashil (102 MW), Tandi (104 MW), Patam (60 MW), Sumte Kothang (130 MW), Teiling (94 MW) and Shangling (44 MW).

‘Most of the mega projects are located in Lahaul and Spiti district,’ said the official.

Himachal Pradesh has abundant water resources with a power potential of about 23,000 MW. About 6,480 MW have been harnessed till now by the central and state governments, private players and joint venture


In this fiscal, the state government proposes to add more than 600 MW with the commissioning of Allain Duhangan, Malana II, Budhil, Chamera III and some other small projects.

Currently, 13 hydropower projects in the state sector, six in central and joint sector and 19 in the private sector with a combined generation capacity of 5,809.1 MW are being executed.

–Indo-Asian News Agency


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