Highlights of President Patil’s speech

New Delhi, Jan 25 (Calcutta Tube) Out of the box thinking required to bring down food prices with focus on farm productivity through a second Green Revolution.

* Higher agriculture income will improve living standards of over 145 million rural households, in over 600,000 villages.

* Continue with policies that promote growth, and also take growth patterns to the bottom of the pyramid and those outside its purview.

*Empower the poor and the disadvantaged and enable them to move up the economic ladder, to join the ranks of the prosperous.

*Women need to be made full and equal partners in the growth process.

*Integrate linkages between agriculture and industry sectors.

* Weak implementation of policies and schemes, weed out corruption and bring in accountability.

* Public-private partnerships and Self-Help Groups important mechanisms for outcome-oriented action and for creating a wide network of stakeholders for growth.

* Eradication of social malpractices, especially those related to discrimination against women.

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