Hindi TV Actor Hemant Pandey dons the serious avtar


Versatile actor Hemant Pandey with many theatre shows, television soaps and movies in his credits is renowned for his comic-timing in all the sectors mentioned above. Hemant however has switched the lanes and will be seen donning a serious cum greedy role on NDTV Imagines’ ‘Devi’.

Hemant though has been away from daily soaps for a quite a long time now but is quite excited about his new role. He adds, “I have done only one TV serial which really worked for long time and that was ‘Office Office’. I believe in working for some days in a month and then have my own space to enjoy as well for the rest of the days. So, soaps don’t interest me much for they demand time and loads of energy.

“However, ‘Devi’s’ director Anshuman showed a lot of faith in me for I can perfectly fit in the bill as far as serious and greedy role he script demanded. These things compelled me to think and changed my attitude towards work. I don’t mind working for all days as the sets are located at the place which is more or less like any village so it feels good to work,” signs off the actor.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar / Sampurn Media

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