Helen impressed by Maradona Rebello’s piety!

Anyone who thinks that modern day youngsters are far away from piety and God must meet Maradona Rebello. They would be just as surprised like the yesteryear siren Helen who was on the sets of Anil Sharma’s ‘Dunno Y… Naa Jane Kyun’ which is being directed by Sanjay Sharma.

The story goes that Helen is a devout Christian and reads a particular psalm in the Bible every morning. When she got to know that Maradona is Catholic too, she goaded him to read this psalm every morning too, since it preaches us about being thankful to God for food, life and for being there to guide whenever we are in trouble.

Then Helen was pleasantly surprised when she heard Maradona chanting the psalm by heart as she was about to read it out to him. She was impressed that being a 21st Century boy, he knows his Bible and they could not stop smiling at each other and was a special moment. Surely that helped them connect more as grandmother and grandson, a relation that they share in the film. Says Maradona,”Helen Mam was very sweet and was helpful on my first day of shoot. Helen mam gave me a lot of tips and was very cordial. I have grown-up watching her films especially her everlasting songs and her signature dance moves. Towards the end of my first day of shoot he recalls a sweet incident, when Helen mam told me how she follows the Bible and recommended me to recite a particular Psalm and co- incidentally it’s the same verse I recite everyday and I immediately recited the long Psalm91 and we could not stop smiling at each other, it was a beautiful moment I will always cherish it. ”

For the moment ‘The Hand of God’ is definitely on our Maradona.

-Sampurn Media

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