Heidi Klum feels lucky to be in love with singer husband Seal Henry

London, Sep 29 (Calcutta Tube) Supermodel Heidi Klum says she feels ‘lucky’ to be in love with her singer husband Seal Henry.

Klum started dating the singer when she was pregnant with daughter Leni.

‘I feel so lucky to have found my husband especially at the time when I did. He is what I always wanted and never thought I would have,’ femalefirst.co.uk quoted her as saying.

The couple, who also have children Henry, Johan, and Lou, posed naked for the video of Seal’s new single ‘Secret’. The couple admit they didn’t need to stretch their acting skills too far during filming.

‘It’s the story of two people in love,’ She added.

Seal believes his relationship with Heidi works because they are ‘best friends’.

‘I’m married and in love with my best friend. We go through everything together. We go through the same s**t that other couples go through; we disagree and have very few low points, but we have a lot of high points because we just realise how lucky we are to have found each other,’ Seal said.

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