Have CWG tickets? Then travel free in DTC, Metro

New Delhi, Feb 19 (IANS) The Commonwealth Games organising committee Friday said all spectators who have tickets for any event will be able to travel free in public transport on the day of the competition.

‘There are plans to integrate the Delhi Metro and the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) services so that all spectators can commute effortlessly and conveniently between different locations in and around Delhi. The ticketed spectators will be entitled for free public transport, on DTC buses and Delhi metro, valid for the day of the competition,’ a statement from the committee said.

The 2010 Commonwealth Games will take place in the capital Oct 3-14.

According to the organising committee, there are also proposals to introduce a special fleet of buses for the games, regular shuttle service to and from various metro stations near the games’ venue and free travel passes for volunteers.

‘To ferry spectators to and from different games’ venues, DTC will be providing a special bus fleet consisting of more than 600 compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelled buses. The organising committee and the DTC has also identified various points from where the buses will pick and drop passengers and for this Delhi will be divided into five zones,’ the statement said.

According to the release, around 100,000 foreign tourists are expected to come to the city for the games in addition to Indian tourists.

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