Haunted 3D (2011)-Hindi Movie Music Review

The music for the Hindi movie ‘Haunted 3D’ is scored by Chirantan Bhatt while singers KK, Suzanne D’Mello, Jojo, Nikhil D’Souza and others have lent voices. Read the movie review at Calcutta Tube.

Film: ‘Haunted 3D’;

Music Directors: Chirantan Bhatt;

Lyricists: Shakeel Azmi and Junaid Wasi;

Singers: KK, Suzanne D’Mello, Jojo, Najam Sheraz, Nikhil D’Souza and Tia Bajpai;

Rating: ***

The music of upcoming horror film ‘Haunted 3D’, directed by Vikram Bhatt, can be described as a simple, love-inspired album. Composed by Chirantan Bhatt, the album offers six slow to moderately paced songs and there are no remixes, which is a breather.


The music album opens with ‘Tum ho mera yar’, which has been making the rounds of various TV channels. Although the sound of the song is not very contemporary, it still manages to generate interest mainly because of its melodious composition. K.K’s vocals breathe life into the song with ample support from Suzanne D Mello. Certainly a good way to start the album.


Next is the composer himself effortlessly and beautifully crooning ‘Jaaniya’, a soft, love song. It possesses a touch of melancholy and the sound of the piano is most prominent in it. On the whole, an average track, neither too good, nor too bad.


It is followed by ‘Tera hi bas hona chahun’, which brings in the rock feel to the album. Although it’s a love song, the touch of rock makes it hard-hitting and gives it an edge. Jojo and Najam Sheraz have sung the song.


Then comes in ‘Mujhe de de har gham tera’, a slow, love ballad crooned by Chirantan again, which is quite similar to ‘Jaaniya’. The orchestration is less. In a nut shell, the song offers nothing extraordinary.


A nice, breezy, youthful and raw number ‘You are beautiful’ opens up next. Sung aptly by Nikhil D’Souza, the interesting composition will definitely appeal to youngsters. A good attempt by the composer.


Finally there is ‘Sau baras’, the only female solo in the album with Tia Bajpai, who is also the heroine of the film, behind the mike. The slow-paced track has substance and a lot of drama in the composition. Less orchestration and more focus on the vocals give the song a step-up and the change in tempo makes it all the more interesting.


On the whole, Chirantan has managed to give a hearable soundtrack that has a few very good compositions.


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